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XX Files

XX Files - S1E131: A big year ahead for travel

XX Files
07 Feb 2023 01:21PM
24 mins

As normal life resumes post-pandemic, travel is set to get even hotter. Rana Kim is the founder and CEO of Kreaon - the company behind the travel social media app Atripin. Hear what she's looking out for in 2023. Plus, Thenuga Vijakumar, president of Cat Welfare Society, gives her take on the problems faced by community cat feeders.

XX Files - S1E186: Managing the cost of fighting cancer

From 1 April this year, the MediShield Life claim limit for cancer drug services will be increased to $3600 per year. The Integrated Shield Plan coverage will now cover only treatments on the Cancer Drug List as well. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with breast cancer survivor Joanne Chia, trained holistic health coach and founder of to get her thoughts on these changes. She also hears more about Joanne's story and how she fought her way through adversity. 

23/03/2023 30 mins

XX Files - S1E185: How are we protecting our water sources?

It’s World Water Day today and this year, it’s all about finding solutions to the water and sanitation crisis quickly. The United Nations say about 2 billion people worldwide still lack safe drinking water. Here in Singapore, while we are fortunate to have good water supply, we shouldn’t take advantage of what we have and save where we can. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Chong Mien Ling, Chief Sustainability Officer of PUB to find out how we’re protecting our water sources. 

22/03/2023 28 mins

XX Files - S1E184: How can we give back to trees?

It’s the International Day of Forests and no matter where you are, today, we celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. We rely on nature a lot - from our paper coming from trees to furniture being made from tree barks! CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Chua Siew Chin, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences at NUS to find out how we can give back to the trees. She is also an expert in forest ecology and restoration, land use impacts and urban ecology.

21/03/2023 32 mins

XX Files - S1E183: Starting a business with her 11-year-old daughter

This year's Geylang Serai Bazaar has officially kicked off! But with rental costs of up to $21000 per month, some have decided to opt for pop-up stores at the nearby Kinex mall instead. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with one of them to hear more. Norfasarie is a Mumpreneur who started a small accessories brand ‘Myla Moza’ with her daughter, Moza, who only has one arm.

20/03/2023 31 mins

XX Files - S1E182: Dealing with the trash pile-up in Paris

As strikes in Paris continue over the French government's pension reform plans, trash is piling up on the streets, with heavy disruption to public transport. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Serhan and Ashley - two Singaporeans living in Paris to pursue their studies. They tell her how they're dealing with it all.

17/03/2023 30 mins