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XX Files

XX Files - S1E65: Bouncing Back for Redemption

XX Files - S1E65: Bouncing Back for Redemption
30 Sep 2022 12:53PM
31 mins

A former model who fell into substance abuse, but has since made significant progress on the road to recovery. We speak with Ann, a recovering addict, on overcoming the challenges she's faced in doing so. We also speak with Fatimah Mohsin, Director, The Wedding Gallery about evolving wedding trends that even include the metaverse.

XX Files - S1E99: Behind the scenes of covering Malaysian GE15

Long hours of trailing lawmakers and managing language barriers are some things journalists have to deal with while on election watch. But there are perks too. CNA938's Justine Moss speaks with two journalists from TODAY about their experience. Plus, don't just leave it in the hands of our NGOs when it comes to our planet earth. You can be an eco-warrior too! Dr Louisa Ponnampalam from MareCet

23/11/2022 33 mins

XX Files - S1E98: FoodTech to Feed the World

Now that the global population has exceeded eight billion, will we have enough food to feed the world? Christine Gould is the Founder and CEO of the Thought for Food Foundation. She explains how they are empowering and investing in the next generation of innovators in food and agriculture. 

Also, meet a woman who decided to make the leap from social work to software development. How did she cope

18/11/2022 30 mins

XX Files - S1E97: Exemplary Caregivers

It's all about outstanding caregivers in this episode! Meet a teenager who’s spent five years looking after her younger sister with a genetic disorder. And a mother with nine children – seven of whom have special needs. Find out what keeps them going, when the going gets tough.

An occupational therapist also shares tips on how the elderly can better manage their health.

17/11/2022 30 mins

XX Files - S1E96: Handling Hair Loss and Baldness Positively

Experiencing hair loss is never easy to handle, especially if you're a woman. Hear how one lady learned to accept the loss of all her hair - including her eyebrows and eyelashes.

16/11/2022 9 mins

XX Files - S1E95: Gender and Climate Change

An entire day was designated for women at the COP27 climate talks in Egypt. Mrinalini Venkatachalam is a Board Member of the Singapore society known as Women in Sustainability and Environment. She explains the link between gender and climate change, and tells us how empowering women can play a key part in the climate strategy.

We also explore the prejudice faced by those in technical, service and

15/11/2022 30 mins