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XX Files

XX Files - S1E94: Helping Teens Live With Diabetes

XX Files - S1E94: Helping Teens Live With Diabetes
14 Nov 2022 01:29PM
34 mins

Diabetes is a rising health concern in Singapore and for teenagers living with it, they need to learn how to deal with difficult challenges very early in life. We speak with Samantha Seet, Co-Chairperson of Sugar Rush, a support group for teens living with diabetes, for insights. We also find out from Natasha Raina, Honorary Secretary for the Nature Society of Singapore, about getting our youth more involved with nature.

XX Files - S1E110: Give the gift of support and not wrapped up gifts

Zizie Zuzantie Mohamed Said is a Volunteer with Homeless Hearts Singapore and she decided back in 2021 to open her home to the homeless. As a befriender of HHS, she's more than just a host, but plays the role of a caregiver and friend too. CNA938's Yasmin Jonkers also spoke with Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards 2022 Awardee, Claire Teo about her visual impairment and how she doesn't let that block her

06/12/2022 32 mins

XX Files - S1E109: What does it take to be a volunteer?

This International Volunteers Day, we find out the importance of volunteers in our community. According to Charis Chan, Director of Global Engagement, Singapore Red Cross, 80% of their work is run by volunteers! CNA938's Yasmin Jonkers also spoke with Michelle Chew, IFRC Youth Commission Member representing the Asia Pacific region who talks about 'youthwashing'.

06/12/2022 33 mins

XX Files - S1E108: Managing eczema itch

Motivated by her own personal experience with eczema, Koh Bei Ning invented the ‘Rollerball Itch Relief’ device, which helps eczema sufferers with the itch. The device does not tear the skin when they scratch. CNA938's Justine Moss also speaks with Feon Ang, Managing Director, LinkedIn, APAC about how economic uncertainty is forcing leaders to wind back progress made during the pandemic. 

02/12/2022 31 mins

XX Files - S1E107: World AIDS Day: Not just a male problem

It's World AIDS Day. In Singapore, there were a total of 171 newly diagnosed cases of HIV this year in the first 10 months of 2022. This is 14% lower than the number of cases in the same period last year! While majority of cases are men, Dr Choy Chiaw Yee, Spokesperson and Board member, Action for AIDS says it's not just a male problem.

02/12/2022 32 mins

XX Files - S1E106: Be more charitable this season of giving

It’s the season of giving! And why not make it a charitable one this time? Our NGOs need our help too. They’re feeling the pinch of inflation and receiving fewer donations this year. Anusha Aswani, Director of Asian Food Network tells us how we can give back. Plus, what does it take to manage VVIPs at Gardens by the Bay? CNA938's Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Jasmine Woo, Protocol Manager.

02/12/2022 34 mins