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XX Files

XX Files - S1E23: Keeping nurses in the sector

XX Files - S1E23: Keeping nurses in the sector
03 Aug 2022 12:02PM
29 mins

The Ministry of Health recently announced a slew of benefits for nurses, like the enhanced payment package and 2022 Nurse Special Payment Package, in an effort to retain talent. But will these be enough? Justine Moss speaks to a former nurse to find out why she left the profession, and what she thinks needs to change. Plus, we get lessons on going green in Singapore - from tips on recycling to a lady who runs an urban farm.

XX Files - S1E35: Solving the hunger crisis

It’s World Humanitarian Day today and there’s no denying that the geo-political state of the world has caused greater humanitarian concerns. Yasmin Jonkers zooms into the global hunger crisis with Lilian Chung from World Vision International. We also check in with the local nightlife scene, and see how they’re coping since clubs reopened. Plus, we speak to a neuroscientist that studies why we eat

19/08/2022 33 mins

XX Files - S1E34: Period charts and menstrual education in India

In India, where periods are taboo, keeping track of your period isn’t easy. But that’s not stopping many young girls. They’re putting up "period charts" at home to track their periods. Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Dr Sania Siddiqui, a Menstrual Health Activist and Founder of Humjoli Foundation in India about what more needs to be done to spread more knowledge and awareness of periods. We also learn

18/08/2022 33 mins

XX Files - S1E33: The fate of women in Afghanistan

It’s been 1 year since the Taliban took over Kabul in Afghanistan. Lives of women and girls have changed drastically since - they either escaped the country or went into hiding. Yasmin Jonkers speaks to Jacqui True, Director of the Gender, Peace and Security Centre at Monash University about what lies ahead for women in the country. Also, Bamboo is more versatile than you think! You can make

17/08/2022 33 mins

XX Files - S1E32: Hitting it out of the park

The Singapore Squash Rackets Association is working hard to encourage more young people to play the sport. Multiple-time national champion and local squash legend Zainal Abidin says one way is to get more of our schools involved. Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Rilla Melati Bahri, an award-winning author of children’s picture books and Director of Mini Monster, about her next book which aims to

16/08/2022 32 mins

XX Files - S1E31: Reframing her relationship with cancer

After losing family members to cancer, Brigette Juliet Jones chose to reframe her relationship with cancer. She's now taking a more positive approach to the disease, volunteering her time to help others. CNA938's Yasmin Jonkers also spoke with a reading ambassador to find out how she got hairdressers to start reading, one haircut at a time.

15/08/2022 30 mins