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XX Files

XX Files - S1E127: Taking the reins at a junior college

XX Files
04 Feb 2023 07:19PM
29 mins

Appointed the principal of National Junior College in December 2022, Lucy Toh brings with her a wealth of experience in the education field. In her previous role, she served as Divisional Director, Special Educational Needs, Ministry of Education. Hear about her journey thus far, as well as what she's looking forward to. 

XX Files - S1E188: Finding beauty in the scars of breast cancer

In some places, women are made to believe that breasts are a symbol of beauty, motherhood and vitality. And when that’s taken away from you, it could feel like your identity has been stolen. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Jill Alphonso, a breast cancer survivor who went through a mastectomy and bared her scars on social media. Jill is also a writer and yoga teacher.

27/03/2023 32 mins

XX Files - S1E187: A carnival with a twist - understanding good mental health

The charity Boys’ Town is organising an interactive carnival called “Wander-Land”. The goal is for parents and children to better understand good mental health through play and social conversations. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Adrienne Sng, Director of Clinical Services, Boys' Town, who gives us a preview of what to expect.

24/03/2023 33 mins

XX Files - S1E186: Managing the cost of fighting cancer

From 1 April this year, the MediShield Life claim limit for cancer drug services will be increased to $3600 per year. The Integrated Shield Plan coverage will now cover only treatments on the Cancer Drug List as well. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with breast cancer survivor Joanne Chia, trained holistic health coach and founder of to get her thoughts on these changes. She also hears more about Joanne's story and how she fought her way through adversity. 

23/03/2023 30 mins

XX Files - S1E185: How are we protecting our water sources?

It’s World Water Day today and this year, it’s all about finding solutions to the water and sanitation crisis quickly. The United Nations say about 2 billion people worldwide still lack safe drinking water. Here in Singapore, while we are fortunate to have good water supply, we shouldn’t take advantage of what we have and save where we can. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Chong Mien Ling, Chief Sustainability Officer of PUB to find out how we’re protecting our water sources. 

22/03/2023 28 mins

XX Files - S1E184: How can we give back to trees?

It’s the International Day of Forests and no matter where you are, today, we celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. We rely on nature a lot - from our paper coming from trees to furniture being made from tree barks! CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks with Chua Siew Chin, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences at NUS to find out how we can give back to the trees. She is also an expert in forest ecology and restoration, land use impacts and urban ecology.

21/03/2023 32 mins