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  1. HDB flats and private property

    The Big Read: Social stratification — a poison seeping into Singapore’s housing estates and schools

    A new phrase has entered the lexicon in the unfinished business of tackling inequality - social stratification, even as housing, education and ...
  2. stock elderly 03

    Singaporeans divided on how to fund social spending for elderly: IPS survey

  3. people in orchard road (1)

    CMIO racial categorisation system still important in Singapore: CNA-IPS survey

    More than 2,000 people, mostly Singaporeans and across ethnicities and ages, participated in the survey jointly conducted by Channel NewsAsia and ...
  4. New Content Item

    Singapore parents generally satisfied with primary education system: IPS survey

    The survey also found that most parents agree that the schools their children go to are considered a “good school”.
  5. K Shanmugam on States Times Review

    Law Minister K Shanmugam to lodge police report over States Times Review allegations

    Refuting claims in the report, Mr Shanmugam said he was “quite shocked at such outright falsehoods”. “All of this is completely false,” he wrote.