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  1. Mass wedding ceremony of the Unification Church in Gapyeong

    Commentary: Yes, you can still get married in a time of COVID-19 – here’s how

    If your wedding banquet must go on, there are practical changes you can make to reduce the risk of infection among your guests, says Kristen ...
  2. Mass wedding ceremony of the Unification Church in Gapyeong

    South Korea mass wedding attracts thousands despite virus fears

    South Korean groom Lee Kwon-seok was excited to join thousands of other couples in the latest mass wedding performed by South Korea's Unification ...
  3. Sophia Wedding Collection

    Commentary: Bridal studios and deposits – beware of putting too much down for your big day

    Beautiful Love Wedding studio closed last week, prompting questions over the potentially predatory nature of the bridal industry. Priyanka Elhence ...
  4. Wedding

    Commentary: Getting married at year’s end is a Battle Royale

    Netizens are quick to pour scorn on bridal couples who take things too seriously, overspend or become obsessed with creating a perfect day. But is ...
  5. A sprawling complex in Beijing offers wedding photos for couples who can't afford to travel

    Commentary: The wild world of pre-wedding photoshoots

    A bridal photoshoot at a cemetery in Kluang, Malaysia has sparked debate about whether a line was crossed in that chase towards the most ...
  6. Comfortable footwear at a wedding is a bonus

    Wedding day hacks: What a bride needs to fix a fashion or beauty emergency

    Don’t get caught unprepared on your big day – learn how to fix common bridal issues with these nifty tools and tips.