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E-scooter rider on food delivery admits colliding into pedestrian

E-scooter rider on food delivery admits colliding into pedestrian

File photo of a man riding an e-scooter. (File photo: AFP/Tobias Schwarz)

SINGAPORE: An electric scooter rider admitted on Tuesday (Nov 12) to going above the speed limit and colliding into a pedestrian.

The 55-year-old woman fell as a result and knocked her head on the floor, bleeding from a cut on her scalp that required stitches at the hospital.

Skye Lee Shi Jia, 17, pleaded guilty to one charge of a negligent act endangering the personal safety of others.

A second charge of riding a non-compliant personal mobility device on a footpath will be taken into consideration for sentencing. 

The court heard that Lee was 16 and a student at the time, and was working part-time delivering pizza.

He rode on an e-scooter to perform his deliveries, even though the device was 740mm wide and exceeded the width limit of 700mm stated in the Active Mobility Regulations 2018.

At about 6pm on May 23 last year, Lee was delivering food on his e-scooter along a footpath near Block 137, Teck Whye Lane.

The victim, Toh Meng Wan, was walking along a nearby footpath.

Lee was travelling at a speed of about 20kmh, above the then-prevailing speed limit of 15kmh.

He did not slow down when nearing the junction, even though his view was obstructed. When he spotted the victim, he was unable to stop in time and collided with her.

Madam Toh fell and knocked her head and began bleeding. Lee attended to her, applying pressure to the wound in a bid to stop the bleeding.

The victim was taken to hospital with a 4cm-long laceration on her scalp and bruises over her arm, ankle and head.

She was given three stitches and discharged the following day with eight days' hospitalisation leave.

Lee has paid her medical costs of S$488 in full as restitution.

The judge called for a probation report and adjourned sentencing to Dec 10.

Source: CNA/ll(hm)


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