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Former logistics officer jailed for stealing prison inmates' belongings

SINGAPORE: A former logistics officer was jailed for 18 weeks on Friday (Mar 1) for stealing items belonging to prison inmates.

Muhamad Rawandi AB Rahman, 29, was working as a full-time logistics officer for ST Logistics at the time, the court heard.

In September last year, he was posted to Logispark for a week. The building housed prison inmates' belongings, which were being cared for by ST Logistics.

During the week he was posted there, Rawandi tore open three polymer bags containing prison inmates' belongings, intending to steal them.

He admitted later that he stole the following items, worth about S$500 in total: A pink Samsung mobile phone with a cracked screen; an Apple iPhone 7 plus mobile phone; a black Xiaomi mobile phone; a blue denim wallet and a dark brown wallet.

After taking the items, Rawandi threw the polymer bags away in a rubbish bin, but could not recall when exactly he stole them, the court heard.

His crime was uncovered only after his supervisor went through closed-circuit television footage in the warehouse in November and spotted him behaving suspiciously.

Rawandi had been cleaning his room that month and decided to throw away the two wallets and the phone with the cracked screen, as he thought they were no longer valuable.

He had kept the other two phones in his room, as he was afraid to sell them off, Deputy Public Prosecutor Senthilkumaran Sabapathy said.

After watching the footage, Rawandi's supervisor summoned him to his office, where Rawandi admitted to stealing the items.

The supervisor then took Rawandi to a police station, where the latter turned himself in and the supervisor lodged a police report.

The two phones he still had were handed over to the police. For committing theft as a servant, Rawandi could have been jailed for up to seven years and fined.

Source: CNA/ll


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