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Jail and caning for man who inserted marker, battery in girlfriend's body

SINGAPORE: Angered as he thought she had stolen from him, a man forcibly inserted a whiteboard marker and a cylindrical battery in his girlfriend's body, while his cousin sat at the side and watched.

Later in the day, while screaming for help as the two men assaulted her at a bus stop, she was rescued and the battery was subsequently removed in hospital.

The 32-year-old offender, who cannot be named due to gag orders protecting the victim's identity, was sentenced on Monday (Oct 4) to 13 years, seven months and 92 days' jail and 12 strokes of the cane.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of aggravated assault by penetration and a second charge of criminal intimidation, with another eight charges taken into consideration.

The court heard that the offender was on remission for an unrelated offence when he committed the crimes.

He stayed at a flat with his 27-year-old girlfriend, his mother and his 33-year-old cousin. 

On the morning of Nov 19, 2018, the offender accused his girlfriend of stealing items including an electric scooter and a power bank from the flat.


When his girlfriend denied the theft, the offender and his cousin grew angry and began assaulting her, slapping and kicking her. In the attack, the victim sustained a laceration on her head and her shirt was torn.

The victim was unable to withstand the beating and told the offender she had S$300 in her bank account. They went into the bedroom, supposedly to clean off the blood from her face, but the offender pulled and cut her hair with a pair of scissors instead.

Shortly after, he asked his girlfriend if she wanted to "put things" inside her. He threatened to beat her to death if she did not allow him to insert foreign objects in her.

As she was placed in fear of death, the victim submitted to the offender. He pulled down her clothes and inserted a whiteboard marker pen and a cylindrical battery in her rectum, intending to subject her to a form of sexual torture, the court heard.

The offender's cousin sat on a bed and watched as this happened. When the victim complained of intense pain, the offender told her to remove the items in the toilet.

However, she was unable to remove the battery. The offender then told her to cover her facial injuries with some powder and lipstick, before passing her a jacket and a head covering.

The trio then went to a bank branch nearby for the victim to withdraw money to compensate the offender. 

At about 2.45pm, the two men discovered that the victim's bank account was empty. They began beating her up at a nearby bus stop by punching, kicking and slapping her.

The offender forcibly removed the victim's jacket, exposing her bra, and the victim screamed for help. A woman passing by in a car called the police and got her husband to sound the horn at the men.

The two men were arrested, while the victim was taken to hospital with injuries including a 4cm-long head laceration, a bruise on her scalp and a foreign body in her that was removed at the emergency department.

She was hospitalised for three days.

Separately, the offender admitted to one count of committing criminal intimidation against his uncle. He was angry with his relatives as he felt they were pestering his mother to engage a lawyer over the sale of property belonging to a dead relative.

As a result, the offender posted a threat on Facebook to his uncle on Jul 20, 2018. He uploaded a picture of two flick knives, with a caption that, when translated, read: "Let's be bad with my hands... at least I'm satisfied...You die I arrogant you die".

His uncle was alarmed and lodged a police report. The offender was charged in court with this offence and was on bail when he carried out the assault against his girlfriend.

The offender's cousin was earlier given 12 months' jail for his involvement in beating up the victim. 

The prosecution called for a total sentence of 13 years, eight months and 157 days' jail with 12 strokes of the cane.


Deputy Public Prosecutor Winston Man called the man's sexual crime "a depraved form of sexual torture" and said he did not "exhibit any qualms in threatening his own family member with death".

The offender has a list of previous convictions, including theft in 2005 when he was a juvenile, housebreaking by night, sexual penetration of a minor, theft with common intention and voluntarily causing hurt.

The man's lawyer sought a slightly lower sentence, saying his client was diagnosed with adjustment disorder after being released from prison and had trouble adapting to life outside jail.

The judge noted the "humiliation" that the offender's girlfriend suffered, with the offender's cousin witnessing the act.

"There is no evidence I see of the rehabilitation prospects of the accused," said Justice Dedar Singh Gill.

"It is my hope that this sentence will cause the accused to reflect and adopt a straight path, a path where he does not resort to violence when angry, a path which does not cause harm and misery to people in his life and to himself," he said.

Source: CNA/ll(ac)


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