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Man admits assaulting wife and wife's 'lover'

Man admits assaulting wife and wife's 'lover'

File photo of man threatening a woman. (Photo: Try Sutrisno Foo)

SINGAPORE: A man admitted in court on Monday (Apr 6) to assaulting his wife after she confronted him over another woman's messages and later assaulting his wife's purported lover.

Muhammad Faris Haiqal Ishak, 27, pleaded guilty to two charges of voluntarily causing hurt, with another three charges taken into consideration for sentencing.

The court heard that Faris, a GrabFood delivery rider at the time, married his 21-year-old wife in 2015.

However, they ran into marital troubles and began divorce proceedings in early March 2019. They started to live separately, with Faris returning to stay with his parents.

Faris' wife successfully applied for an expedited order restraining Faris from using violence against her and their three children on Mar 26, 2019.

A day after the order was granted, Faris went to his matrimonial home to collect his belongings and see his children.

While he was there, his wife checked his phone and found messages from another woman. She confronted him and they began quarrelling, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Matthew Choo.


The quarrel turned violent and Faris began punching his wife, before holding her by the neck and pushing her across the living room.

The woman hit a fan and fell, landing on top of the dislodged fan. Her husband then picked up the fan and threw it in her direction, before landing punches on her back.

Faris' parents arrived at the home and broke up the fight, but Faris grabbed his wife's hair and pulled it as he left.

The woman was taken to hospital with tenderness in her spine and marks on her neck.

A few months after this, on Jun 13 last year, Faris went back to his matrimonial home to collect a letter and his remaining belongings.

His wife was at home with their one-year-old daughter and a 28-year-old male friend, whom the defence lawyer said was her lover.

Faris turned up at the house and knocked on the door. When his wife opened the door, he rushed in towards the male friend, who was carrying Faris' daughter.


Faris grabbed his daughter, placed her on a mattress and began punching the male friend, who tried blocking the punches with his hands.

Faris continued punching the man even after he had fallen to the floor, before placing him in an arm-lock and choking him. Faris' wife tried breaking up the fight, placing her feet on Faris' head.

Eventually, Faris released his grip on the other man and left the unit. Faris' father called the police, claiming that the other man was a drug addict and staying at Faris' home.

Defence lawyer Edmund Nathan previously claimed that the other man was a drug offender who was dealing with drugs and "wanted even to use the children to foster the sale of these drugs".

"A father placed in that kind of dilemma will be obviously outraged, especially when he comes to the flat and sees the man carrying the child," said the lawyer.

The prosecutor said this provides only a context for the offence and does not justify or excuse Faris' actions.

Mr Nathan said on Monday that Faris' wife has since returned to Faris' home and is staying with him, after a purported "heated quarrel with her father".

He said the woman had been beaten up by her father and that this has become a police case of its own.

He added that the couple has not divorced, as the woman "has had a change of heart" since the time they were contemplating divorce.

He was granted an adjournment to May 11 to prepare his mitigation plea in light of the new developments.

Source: CNA/ll(hs)


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