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Man jailed for assaulting and molesting sister, hitting wife with glass bottle

Man jailed for assaulting and molesting sister, hitting wife with glass bottle

Photo illustration of an assault. (Photo illustration: Ngau Kai Yan)

SINGAPORE: A 37-year-old man was sentenced to jail for a year and nine months on Wednesday (Aug 10) for assaulting his sister and his wife.

He cannot be named as the identity of his victims is protected by gag order.

The court heard that on Jun 9, 2020, the man slapped and punched his sister when she visited their mother at home. The offender was drinking heavily at the time.

The victim was talking to another sibling about selling their mother's house when the offender started scolding and questioning her.

When she refused to answer him, he slapped her. He also pushed her, causing the back of her head to hit the wall.

The man got angrier when his sister continued not to reply. He slapped her, punched her face repeatedly and strangled her. She started to drift in and out of consciousness due to the severity of the blows.

When she regained consciousness, her brother told her to perform a sex act on him. She struggled but was overpowered. 

He then squeezed his sister's chest and pulled her shirt, exposing her. He told her "he could sleep with her or bring her to Geylang to sell her body", court documents stated.

The man threatened to assault anyone who tried to intervene and told his family not to call the police.

At around 10pm, about three hours after the victim first arrived at the house, one of their siblings managed to leave the house and call emergency services.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where she was found to have a nasal fracture, blunt trauma to her eye and a contusion at her chest.


The man also admitted to assaulting his wife on three occasions in May 2021.

In one incident, the offender's wife was using her phone when he accused her of hiding something from him.

He hurled vulgarities, punched and kicked her face multiple times and pulled her hair and shirt. A friend who was with them called the police.

Although the victim had a cut on her lip, she refused medical attention as she was worried that her husband would assault her again if she pursued the matter.

Later that month, the couple got into a dispute in the wife's flat. The man hit her head multiple times with a hard glass bottle of deodorant, causing her to bleed.

He also hit her arms and legs many times with an object that was stated in court documents as "black cylindrical equipment".

The victim did not tell anyone about the assault as she was afraid of her husband. 

Two days later, the man went to his mother's flat where he started assaulting his wife again. He punched her eye, hit her head multiple times and threw hard objects at her.

The victim made a police report the next day and sought medical assistance for her injuries.

At the time of these assaults, the man's wife had a personal protection order in force against him.

The man pleaded guilty to one charge each of outrage of modesty, voluntarily causing grievous hurt, causing hurt with a dangerous weapon and disorderly behaviour.

He also admitted to two charges of breaching a personal protection order that his wife took out against him in 2018. Eleven other charges were considered for sentencing.

Source: CNA/dv(gs)


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