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'Monster' who prostituted wife, sexually assaulted 6-year-old daughter gets jail, caning

'Monster' who prostituted wife, sexually assaulted 6-year-old daughter gets jail, caning

The entrance of the Supreme Court in Singapore.

SINGAPORE: A man has been sentenced to 25-and-a-half years' jail, much more than what the prosecution had asked for, after he prostituted his wife, sexually assaulted his daughter and molested his wife's niece. 

He was also ordered 24 strokes of the cane and a fine of S$12,000 to disgorge the profits he had earned from the prostitution - the first case of its kind in Singapore. 

All parties cannot be named due to a gag order protecting the victims' identities.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday (Feb 19) to one charge each of sexual assault by penetration of a minor, prostituting his wife, receiving payment over exploitation of a trafficked victim and aggravated outrage of modesty.

Another four charges were taken into consideration in the sentencing of the 27-year-old, whom the prosecution described as a "monster" with "unprecedented" sordid sexual depravity. 

The High Court heard that the man married his wife in 2012, but had been physically abusing her even before that, slapping her face, and kicking and punching her. 

The assaults became more frequent starting from 2015, happening at least weekly and even when she was pregnant. 

His wife was therefore very fearful of him, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Eunice Lau, not daring to contact even her own family as her husband forbade her from doing so. He also threatened to kill her if she reported the abuse to the police. 


As her husband was jobless between 2010 and 2015, the 27-year-old woman supported her family with her S$1,800 salary working as a receptionist and office assistant.

She gave this entire sum to her husband as he demanded and received a stipend in return.

When she stopped working in September 2015, the couple could not support their family and considered aborting their second child. But the man hatched a plot to prostitute his wife so they could pay for their infant son's diapers and other expenses. 

The woman asked him to get a regular job, but he refused, saying that prostitution was a quick and lucrative way of earning money. The woman finally succumbed to his request because she feared his assaults and also because she needed to buy milk powder for her three-month-old baby. 


Coached by her husband, who was familiar with prostitutes as he frequently hired them online, the hapless woman began working as a prostitute.

She met her customers in hotels in Balestier, keeping to a daily quota of customers set by her husband. In this way, she gave sexual services to 138 men, earning about S$11,000 in just three months, which she handed over to her husband.

On top of this, she gave in to her husband's demands to film her sex acts as he had a "deviant fetish" to see them, the prosecution said.

Her prostitution was closely monitored by her husband, who once kicked her in the head as he felt she was taking too long to get customers. He also punched her face when he got jealous or if her clients paid her less than what they had agreed on. 

On one occasion, a former classmate of the woman had engaged her services without knowing who she was. The woman's husband wanted a threesome and hit his wife with a dumbbell when she could not persuade her classmate into it. 


On Aug 1, 2016, after beating his wife up for falling asleep, the man asked her to bring him her 13-year-old niece.

She refused, suspecting that her husband would harm her niece and knowing that the child was taking her Primary School Leaving Examination. 

When he threatened to hit her, she fetched her niece from school, lying to the child that her mother had agreed. The child was taken to a hotel in Balestier, where her aunt had booked a room for the accused. 

There, the man molested the girl, who cried throughout the attack. The court heard that he stopped only when the child could not breathe due to the pillow he had pressed on her face to muffle her screams. 

He called his wife to the room and she apologised to her niece before taking her to a polyclinic.  


The man's crimes were finally discovered after he sexually assaulted his six-year-old daughter sometime between Jul 20, 2016, and Aug 14, 2016.

The accused had moved the family out to a hotel after an argument with his mother, with whom they had been staying. 

The couple had sex and his wife then went to the toilet. Seeing his daughter awake, the man forced her to perform a sex act on him, even though he suspected he had an STD. This was later confirmed in hospital. 

When the mother came out of the toilet and saw what was happening, she was furious and shouted at her husband. He warned them not to tell anyone about the incident or he would beat them up. 

When the family returned to live with the man's mother, the young daughter told the grandmother what happened and she called the police. 

Psychiatric reports from the Institute of Mental Health indicated that the man was "somewhat boastful of his sexual exploits".

He also appeared to have anti-social personality traits and continues to be a risk to his daughter, on top of posing a high risk of violence towards his wife, who has a personal protection order against him.

The jail sentence was much longer than the 22 years the prosecution had asked for. 

The prosecution said the three victims, all of whom were vulnerable women in the man's life, must "suffer the trauma and degradation of the accused's actions for the rest of their lives".

Source: CNA/ll(hs)


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