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Police officer fined for sexually charged comments against female subordinate

Police officer fined for sexually charged comments against female subordinate

Photo illustration of a gavel. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

SINGAPORE: A police officer was fined S$6,000 on Tuesday (Jul 30) for making sexually charged remarks to his female colleague on at least three occasions two years ago.

All parties involved cannot be named due to gag orders issued by the court.

The 36-year-old offender was a deputy team leader and the victim was his subordinate, a ground response force officer 10 years his junior.

Court documents did not state where they worked or which posts they were attached to.

On the first occasion in October 2017, the victim was preparing for a debriefing along with her team mates and chatting about a trip to Thailand.

The officer suddenly said to her: "Want to go Bangkok together? Bring you go whitening and expanding?"

He later admitted that he was referring to whitening of the woman's skin, and expanding her chest.

When she heard these words, the woman felt offended and harassed and ignored her superior.

However, it happened again a month later.

In November 2017, during a police defence tactics recertification course, the victim was practising with a T-baton with her team mates.

Her deputy team leader walked by and saw her, the only woman in the group.

He said: "Don't later poke until baby come out."

Sometime in 2017, the victim gave her team mates some cupcakes as a treat. While they were eating the desserts, her team leader said to her: "The cream on the cupcakes look like creampie ... believe it to be nasi kangkang."

He asked his team not to eat the cupcakes.

The terms "creampie" and "nasi kangkang" respectively refer to ejaculation after sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge used on food in black magic, the prosecutor explained.


The woman felt sexually harassed by her supervisor's comments and felt helpless, as she did not want to offend him by telling him off, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Gregory Gan.

She sought help on Apr 17 last year, after attending a lecture for a group of police officers given by a deputy superintendent of police.

She told the officer that her supervisor had made sexual, offensive remarks against her.

When asked why she had not lodged a police report, the victim said she was "in a state of confusion" and was apprehensive of the consequences of reporting it.

The deputy superintendent of police filed an electronic police report the next day.

The offender pleaded guilty on Tuesday to three counts under the Protection from Harassment Act, with another five charges taken into consideration. He said he had made those comments as a joke.

The other charges included comments he made like "what are you sucking?", "this one is a virgin, who wishes to try?" and "after Halloween Horror Night, go check into hotel and get her pregnant".

The prosecutor said the officer's behaviour towards the victim was unacceptable. 

"As a supervisor, he should not have made the victim the subject of his crude jokes," he said. "Such actions would cause the victim to have a miserable work experience."

The defence lawyer said his client had served in the force for 18 years and was genuinely remorseful.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a statement after the hearing that the officer had been suspended from Dec 26.

The spokesman said SPF officers are not only expected to uphold the law but "maintain the highest standards of conduct and integrity".

"We deal severely with officers who break the law, including charging them in court," said the police spokesman. He added that the police force has commenced disciplinary proceedings against the accused.

For each charge of using insulting words, the officer could have been fined up to S$5,000.

Source: CNA/ll


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