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Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter - S3E24: Can a food-loving nation consume less salt and sugar?

Heart of the Matter - S3E24: Can a food-loving nation consume less salt and sugar?
27 Jan 2023 07:53AM
26 mins

Singapore’s consumption of sugar and salt is above the recommended global limits and it is making us sick. The Government is introducing measures to curb this – from new labels to a drive to use alternatives. But will this take away the joy of all that is delicious about local food? Will these food labels work? Steven Chia speaks to Jaclyn Reutens, dietitian from Aptima Nutrition and Damian D'Silva, Masterchef Singapore Judge and owner of Rempapa. 

Heart of the Matter - S3E33: NCID chief and vaccine expert on long days, missed meals and flying in a fog during COVID-19 fight

Caring for patients in the day, meeting global experts at night, racing against time to get a workable vaccine off the ground – NCID executive director Professor Leo Yee-Sin and Duke-NUS Medical School Professor Ooi Eng Eong recall working round-the-clock on the frontlines in the battle against COVID 19. They share the highs and lows of being in the “fog of the war” with CNA's Otelli Edwards.

30/03/2023 26 mins

Heart of the Matter - S3E32: Can a bank go bust in Singapore?

It started with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in the US and was followed swiftly by the emergency rescue of beleagued Credit Suisse by UBS.  How does a bank go bust? What drives panic and fear that leads to a bank run and can it happen in Singapore? Steven Chia gets answers from Sumit Agarwal, Low Tuck Kwong Professor at the School of Business at the National University of Singapore and  Thilan Wickramasinghe, Head of Research Singapore & Regional Head of Financials at Maybank Investment Banking Group.

23/03/2023 24 mins

Heart of the Matter - S3E31: Why don't neighbours raise the alarm on family violence?

More cases of family violence are being reported in Singapore, but few are because bystanders called the authorities. Why do we complain about party noises but hesitate if we suspect someone is being abused? Who should we call and what should we say? Steven Chia speaks to Marcus Lim, head of TOUCH Family Support, psychiatrist Dr Joseph Leong from Promises Healthcare and Mohamed Fareez, deputy director at AMKFSC Community Services.

16/03/2023 26 mins

Heart of the Matter - S3E30: Are Singapore's cookie-cutter malls a bad thing?

In just a decade, the number of malls in Singapore has doubled and they usually have a set list of tenants - an anchor retailer, supermarket, pharmacy and several floors of eateries. Why do our malls look the same and what do we need to do better? Steven Chia speaks to Associate Professor Lynda Wee from Nanyang Business School and Winnie Chan, Founder & CEO at Bynd Artisan which has three retail outlets.

09/03/2023 27 mins

Heart of the Matter - S3E29: How does a young person become radicalised?

Recently, two self-radicalised Singaporean youths – aged 15 and 16 – were picked up under the Internal Security Act (ISA). Why are teenagers as young as 14 becoming more interested in extremist religious content? What do online games have to do with this trend and how can family members spot red flags? Steven Chia speaks to Dr Omer Ali Saifudeen from the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Dr Mohamed Ali, co-chairman and counsellor with the Religious Rehabilitation Group and Nicholas Khoo, co-founder and former chairman of the Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association. 

02/03/2023 28 mins