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  1. 'Unbelievable': Another fire in Beirut unnerves shattered residents

    'Unbelievable': Another fire in Beirut unnerves shattered residents

    A fire erupted in a landmark building in Beirut's commercial district on Tuesday (Sep 15), the second blaze this month to send shudders through a ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: French President Emmanuel Macron visits Lebanon

    Macron presses Lebanese politicians as Cabinet deadline looms

    French President Emmanuel Macron has been pressing Lebanese politicians to deliver on promises to form a new government this week and haul the ...
  3. Fire breaks out at Beirut's port area

    Lebanese firefighters douse remains of Beirut port fire

    Lebanese firefighters and army helicopters on Friday put out the remains of a huge fire at Beirut's port that had flared up a day earlier, barely ...
  4. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte visits the site of last month's massive explosion at Bei

    Italy adds to European calls for change in Lebanon amid crisis

    Italy's prime minister said it was time for Lebanon to rebuild trust between the people and its institutions, joining France's call for change in ...
  5. Gemmayzeh was famed for its heritage architecture but many of its gems suffered heavy damage in the

    Blast-hit Beirut begins timid recovery

    In a blast-damaged tailor shop in the Lebanese capital, Claudette is back at work sewing the hem of an orange skirt as rescue teams dig nearby.
  6. A member of the Lebanese army

    Signs of life detected under rubble a month after Beirut blast, says rescuer

    Lebanese rescue workers searching through rubble in a residential area after a huge Beirut port explosion on Aug. 4 have detected signs of life ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Lebanese singer Fairouz performs during a concert at Sahel Alma east of Beirut

    'My wounded country': Lebanese singer whose voice transcends divisions to meet Macron

    The French president will start his visit to Beirut on Monday by meeting Fairouz, one of the Arab world's most famed singers whose haunting voice ...