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8 beauty tricks korean celebrities swear by for flawless skin

So easy, you can do it too.

The fascination with K-beauty doesn’t seem like it will ever subside. From do-it-all cushion foundations to 10-step skincare routines, all manner of Korean products and skincare techniques are still on everyone’s lips. The reason: The Koreans have undeniably impeccable skin (hello, glass skin). 

A flawless complexion is not unattainable — all you need is time, effort and a few tips from these famous Korean peeps:

Suzy Bae

It’s all about keeping the skin clean for the singer-actress, who reportedly swears by the 4-2-4 method and spends a good 10 minutes on her cleansing routine. The technique: Do an oil cleanse for the first four minutes. Massage the oil into the skin to remove makeup and any impurities, and tone the facial muscles. Next, double-cleanse with a foaming cleanser and continue to massage the skin for the next two minutes. Spend the last four minutes rinsing it all off. Use warm water for the first two minutes then end with cold water to stimulate circulation and tighten skin in the last two (phew). 

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Irene Kim

When removing her makeup or cleansing, the model is careful and gentle with her skin. “No rubbing. Only dabbing, patting or massaging in circular motions,” she says.

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Song Joong-Ki

The Descendants of the Sun actor reportedly washes his face with milk as part of his nighttime skincare routine. Wonder if we’ll get skin as smooth and milky-white as his if we try this trick?

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Jessica Jung

The singer pats on all her skincare. Then, she gently “presses” the product into her skin with her palms. “I like to use the heat of my palms because it helps my skin to absorb the products.”


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Lee Sung Kyung

On preventing skin from sagging: “I have this weird habit — I consciously avoid resting the side of my face on the palms whenever I am seated — I try not to do anything that impacts the shape of the face. I place my hands on the sides of my neck below the ears instead of leaning my cheeks on my palms.”

Park Shin-hye

The face of Mamonde makes it a point to massage her face as she cleanses. The benefit: Improved circulation for healthier-looking skin. The actress is also a daily masker — she does it to maintain hydration levels in the skin.


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Besides using a face mask every morning, she also believes in beauty from the inside. “I eat clean and drink lemon water.” So much so that she never leaves home without some lemon-infused water.

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The singer’s quick fix for a natural glow? Patting some extra-virgin olive oil on areas where you would usually put highlighter on after your makeup is done. You can use facial oils too. 


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