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Style & Beauty

Makeup master Felix Nguyen reveals what the worst beauty habit is

Plus, what's the 2017 beauty trend that needs to retire RN? The Bobbi Brown manager of education and makeup artistry spills the deets.

The best career advice I've been given was from Bobbi Brown herself: Always be nice to the people around us because we never know what they're going through. 

I love Famous in Love star Bella Thorne because she isn't afraid to experiment with colours and makeup trends. Makeup should be fun!

Every woman should try a red lippie. It can seem intimidating but it totally switches up your look. 

Contouring is so done and if you must, focus on the outline of your face and the high points and apples of your cheeks. Remember: A little goes a long way. 

Everyone is beautiful and that deserves to be celebrated. 

The worst beauty habit is relying solely on facial wipes! Cleanse your skin thoroughly if you want to have a trouble-free complexion. 

I follow on Instagram blogger Leo Chan (@levitatestyle) because I admire his spiffy style. I also like Little Miss Bento (@littlemissbento), whose photography makes food look sooo good. 

In 2018, I look forward to a more diverse representation of beauty. Everyone is beautiful and that deserves to be celebrated. 


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