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Want naturally healthy skin? This beauty expert tells us how to get it

Pauline Ng, founder and MD of Porcelain, The Face Spa, shares her tips.

Growing up, Pauline Ng wasn’t interested in beauty — the 31-year-old businesswoman reveals that she was a tomboy in her adolescence. It was the science behind skincare, as well as seeing how having good skin can be transformative for some people, that piqued her interested in the field.

Today, as the founder and MD of homegrown beauty salon, Porcelain, The Face Spa, Pauline doesn't just oversee her facial product and service business. She has also spearheaded digital campaigns that empower other women, among which is #FFFriday, an initiative launched in 2010 that encouraged women to go foundation-free and let their skin "breathe".

Recently, Pauline has launched another project that's hashtagged #BareWithMe, featuring interviews with successful women like Viola Tan. Her aim? To encourage women to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. 

While some of us may rely heavily on makeup for confidence, Pauline feels it’s important to address the real problem. “Correct instead of conceal,” she advises. “And go foundation-free.” 

We got up close with her and talked about the business of beauty. 

What are some common beauty misconceptions that women in Singapore have?

Pauline Ng (PN): A lot of women here have been "diagnosing" their skin wrongly. Many women think that they have oily skin just because the skin surface appears oily. But this occurs because of our climate and environment, which causes our skin to be dehydrated.

The other misconception is that natural ingredients are the best and chemicals are bad. So many women make their own masks at home. However, this may lead to possible bacterial infection. 

What do you look out for when shopping for new beauty products?

PN: The ingredient list. I’ll make sure that the product is selling whatever they claim to be.

Tell us about the one beauty product that you can’t live without.

PN: It’ll have to be Porcelain’s first-ever product, the Balance, Sebum Control Essence. It helps my combination skin achieve a good oil-and-moisture balance. It also moisturises my skin in dry climates, and reduces sebum production in humid conditions.

Which skincare ingredients do you love most?

PN: I’m studying about probiotics a lot, and I also see the skin-renewing benefits of AHAs and retinol. I also like rose oil because it smells amazing!

Lastly, what’s one change you’d wish to see in the beauty industry?

PN: More transparency. It’s better now than 10 years ago. Also, this industry has always been very marketing-driven; I hope it can be more results-driven, and I believe that technology should enable us to do so. 


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