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The Terror Trail

47:58 Min
The Terror Trail

The Terror Trail - S1E3: The Ashes of Marawi

23 Mar 2019 10:00am
Will a failure to reconstruct Marawi after the 5 month seige against the Islamic State fuel another ideological battle between local Muslims displaced by the war?
About the Show

Channel NewsAsia Producers travel to the frontlines of terror in Asia to investigate the political, social and economic nerve centres of radicalism, and  unearth the reasons fueling militancy and the aiding of non-state terror outfits in the region. 

Our journey begins in Pakistan where a US-designated terrorist, Hafiz Saeed, is being mainstreamed through an election battle against progressive politicians aiming to stop him from winning constitutional power.

We then travel to Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, where cyber radicalization of the Islamic State is being fought in schools and the web. Can they succeed? 

Finally, we journey to the Philippines where a failure to rehabilitate internally displaced people of Marawi might spark a new wave of religiously motivated violence. Can economic programmes started by the military win the hearts and minds of the people to stop the re-emergence of the Islamic State? 

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