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Modernise your digital core: Closing the distance between mid-range and enterprise storage

To meet evolving needs, companies need a world-class infrastructure that offers future-ready capabilities matched with the latest virtual storage platform technology.

Modernise your digital core: Closing the distance between mid-range and enterprise storage

Hitachi’s virtual storage platform family uses automation and analytics tools with integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve operational efficiency and speed. Photos: Hitachi

In a world where business needs are evolving at a blistering pace, technology needs to keep up. And as workforces remain distributed while applications and systems become increasingly data-hungry, the toll on an organisation’s IT infrastructure can be punishing. Instead of focusing on strategic projects, companies end up spending resources on maintaining and upgrading enterprise storage systems.

To empower businesses of various sizes, Hitachi Vantara offers a comprehensive line of VSP (virtual storage platform) models at multiple price points, speeds and scale. With advanced storage virtualisation capabilities, businesses can maximise the value from existing infrastructure without needing to implement costly and time-consuming replacements.

“Being data-driven is the new competitive DNA of any thriving business in today’s market,” said Mr Varghese Mathew, head of Partner & Alliances ASEAN at Hitachi Vantara. “Hitachi Vantara and its partners can help organisations to keep up, create value and identify new opportunities using data.”


Comprising the VSP E Series and VSP 5000 Series, Hitachi’s VSP product range uses automation and analytics tools with integrated AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) to improve operational efficiency and speed. According to Hitachi Vantara, its implementation can help to reduce manual administrative tasks by up to 70 per cent.

The VSP E Series provides data efficiency on a platform that is easy to manage. The addition of SAS (serial attached SCSI) expansion to the VSP E590 and E790 models addresses the low latency requirements of applications as well as the issue of price sensitivity for small and medium-sized organisations.

Companies with especially demanding enterprise storage applications can look to the VSP 5000 series – such as the VSP 5200 and 5600 models – to drive data reduction performance. Coupled with SCM (storage class memory) tiering and full end-to-end NVMe (non-volatile memory express) protocol, this will go towards keeping your infrastructure future-proof.

No matter which model you choose, both VSP series are equipped with Hitachi SVOS (storage virtualisation operation system) RF, a platform that provides round-the-clock application availability while delivering best-in-class performance and resiliency.



Hitachi’s VSP family incorporates a raft of features to ensure it scales with business growth while remaining affordable.

Its EverFlex system offers flexible procurement and elastic consumption options such as storage as a service and fully managed services. In a volatile business environment, EverFlex provides predictable and transparent pricing: Customers can opt to pay only for what they use.

Customers can also enjoy customisable features like the Hitachi Content Platform, which delivers performance optimisation through data services that can be adjusted to suit a specific use case or workload.

To optimise and protect your data centre operations, Hitachi’s Ops Center application suite delivers integrated configuration, real-time analytics, automation and copy data management. And for faster access to data, the Hitachi Content Software for File is a distributed file system that accelerates the process of application ingest to better meet companies’ requirements for high-performance AI, ML and analytics workloads.

In addition, Hitachi’s Modern Storage Assurance programme includes future upgrades in the original storage purchase, or as part of an EverFlex lease or purchase – so you can rest assured that you always have access to the latest VSP technology. Hitachi’s Data in Place upgrades also offer guaranteed, non-disruptive upgrades to next-generation storage, making complex data migrations a thing of the past.

Resiliency, agility and efficiency aren’t just buzzwords that apply to an organisational workforce – they are key features of every Hitachi Vantara VSP model, which is designed to align with your business needs now and in the future.

Said Mr Mathew: “Enterprise storage is more than just data storage – it’s a key aspect of an organisation’s operational performance and growth strategy. Having a high-performing, reliable enterprise storage platform is imperative to an organisation’s long-term success.”

Learn more about joining the Hitachi partner programme, or explore how Hitachi Vantara can meet your business needs by downloading its e-book titled Solve Six Biggest Data Storage Challenges.


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