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OPPO Find X5 Pro turns low-light scenarios into highlights with revolutionary engineering under the hood

Its most powerful flagship model yet also boasts a collaboration with Swedish camera experts Hasselblad.

OPPO Find X5 Pro turns low-light scenarios into highlights with revolutionary engineering under the hood

The Find X5 Pro blends OPPO’s cutting-edge technology and Hasselblad’s visual artistry. Photos: OPPO

The glittering night sky, cryptic and enigmatic, is as difficult to fathom as it is to capture on photo. As one contemplates the mysteries of the universe, engineers at OPPO are tackling an equally difficult task – that of achieving high-quality night photography.

Unlike DSLR cameras with their roomier builds, smartphones have had to incorporate the same imaging elements into a much smaller form factor. With the miniaturised lenses and sensors, one naturally expects a limited ability to capture light. To close this gap, manufacturers have been placing their focus on superior image processing.       

With each flagship Find X phone release, OPPO has been setting new standards in its visual capabilities. Reworked from the core, the Find X5 Pro leapfrogs one generation with a brand new proprietary NPU (neural processing unit) – the MariSilicon X – to deliver exceptional clarity and colour even in dim settings.


Expect sparkling highlights, vibrant mid-tones and rich blacks with the OPPO Find X5 Pro.

MariSilicon X may be new, but the development has spanned a decade. After extensive studies, the researchers finally landed on a magic number – 10 TOPS (trillion operations per second). That was the kind of computing power needed to process images in real time to allow for high-performance algorithms to happen. Except OPPO achieved 18 TOPS with the Find X5 Pro.

The dedicated power makes possible captures rich with image data and details, and allows uninterrupted real-time RAW image processing for professional levels of control. When paired with the 50MP wide-angle main camera and 50MP ultra-wide camera featuring Sony IMX766 sensors, the difference is startling, especially in the darker scenarios OPPO has sought to conquer. The 13MP telephoto lens is also ready for those vivid close-ups.

Capturing panoramic images is easy, thanks to the 50MP wide-angle main camera and 50MP ultra-wide camera.

Another head-turning upgrade is the SLR-level 5-axis optical image stabilisation. Never available before on a mobile device and three times faster than its predecessor, it offers a precise level of correction from the lens and sensor to accord pristine low-light pictures.

When shooting in the 50MP mode, the impressive Ultra HDR function comes to the fore. MariSilicon X’s algorithm allows for up to 20 stops of dynamic range and layers them expertly for sparkling highlights, vibrant mid-tones and rich blacks. In high-contrast pictures like sunsets, neon-lit bars or illuminated art installations, it works to create terrifically detailed scenes. 

This translates in video recordings with the Find X5 Pro as well. In fact, MariSilicon X was specifically primed for this function, and the 4K Ultra Night Video demonstrates its prowess with AINR (artificial intelligence noise reduction), 3DNR (3D noise reduction) and DOL HDR, an image processing technology for subjects with high contrast.

While the first sharpens details through robust algorithms, the latter two analyse neighbouring frames and capture concurrent images for smooth and detailed recordings without ghosting. This watershed moment is only possible with the new NPU that processes 30 or 60 images per second for video while handling up to 3 billion pixels of information every second. 

But if a perfect selfie is all you’re looking for, the 32MP front camera will be happy to oblige. In fact, if it detects the need for a wefie, it automatically adjusts itself from an 80-degree wide angle to a 90-degree one so everyone will get in on the shot.



With all the hardware and software perks, it’s only fitting to find a partnership to augment the photography with signature aesthetics. For the Find X5 Pro, OPPO collaborated with Swedish camera makers Hasselblad, long known for its eye for naturalistic palettes. The partnership involves colour science consultation for true-to-life renderings, and bakes in iconic Hasselblad touches.

There’s the quintessential orange shutter button that triggers the familiar leaf shutter sound, which, when combined with haptic feedback, brings to mind the visceral experience of snapping on an actual camera. The included Xpan mode also grants an elegant panoramic experience through a customised UI (user interface) on the ultra-wide camera, and if you’ve ever been inspired by notable Hasselblad photographers, you will be thrilled with their recommended specialty Master filters.

This meeting of OPPO’s cutting-edge technology and Hasselblad’s visual artistry signals a flagship partnership that complements, with a mobile visual imaging future that excites.



The boundary-pushing ethos extends to the build of the smartphone itself. From inventing new processes to work with the microcrystalline material for the ceramic backing to creating 300 tests to ensure durability and quality, OPPO clearly didn’t hold back with the design of the Find X5 Pro.

Featuring the now-familiar volcanic design for the cameras, the phone is modelled from a single piece of ceramic that’s even more durable than Gorilla glass. It also grants the phone an IP68 rating against water and dust.

A 6.7-inch polycrystalline oxide screen packs in plenty of visual brilliance, boasting 1,300 nits of peak brightness and delivering all of its one billion colours captured through the camera onto the screen. An adaptive refresh rate adjusts to the content intelligently to ensure buttery smooth displays, conserving power when demand is low.

It’s not like you have to worry about battery life though. A 5,000 mAh dual-cell battery comes with fast SuperVOOC 80W wired standard charging and AirVOOC 50W wireless charging. Achieve a 50 per cent charge in just 12 minutes with the former and a full 100 per cent in 47 minutes with the latter.

The phone carries the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip for equally proficient handling of your other apps, along with 12GB RAM and a generous 256GB storage – perfect for your library of night shots. And if you’ve struggled to hold your phone a certain way to keep its connection, the Find X5 Pro makes that a thing of the past. A 360-degree Smart Antenna 3.0 ensures your line is always open, clear and uninterrupted.

OPPO uses the updated ColorOS 12 on the latest flagship model. The OS not only sports more intuitive features in a streamlined UI but also delivers superior gaming sessions by using the AI frame rate stabiliser to channel cooling and processing power when necessary.

With its future-forward specs and formidable low-light imaging capability, the OPPO Find X5 Pro smartphone is truly a device for the next generation of savvy mobile tech users.

Find your light even at night with the OPPO Find X5 Pro, available islandwide from Apr 30 at a retail price of S$1,699. Pre-order at a discounted price of S$1,599 from Apr 16 to 29 at OPPO Concept Stores, OPPO’s Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10 official stores, as well as Challenger, Gain City, Best Denki, Courts and Harvey Norman.

Receive a free Google Nest Hub (S$139) and Kavlar phone case (S$79), while stocks last, when you pre-order from OPPO Concept Stores, OPPO’s Shopee flagship store, Challenger, Gain City, Best Denki, Courts and Harvey Norman.

Those who pre-order from OPPO’s Lazada flagship store and Qoo10 official store will receive a free 45W AirVOOC wireless charger (S$119) and Kavlar phone case (S$79), while stocks last.

A trade-in programme for customers will kick off on Apr 30. Stay tuned for more information on OPPO’s official Facebook and Instagram pages.


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