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Rethink what you know about fresh air

As consumers seek home protection products to provide better indoor air quality, Daikin's patented Streamer Technology aims to obliterate the unseen.

Rethink what you know about fresh air

Remove harmful air contaminants at home with the Daikin Streamer Air Purifier. Photos: Daikin

All of us can benefit from fresh air. The effects of poor air quality may manifest in adverse health symptoms – the occasional haze in Singapore, for example, often irritates eyes and sinuses. Homeowners with members who smoke or with pets may also be familiar with allergies and compromised air quality. But did you know even clear air may not mean clean air?

We’ve all heard about PM2.5 dust particles – fine particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less in the air. When PM2.5 levels are elevated, visibility is affected and air appears hazy. But there are much smaller organisms – viruses, bacteria, allergens and mould – that are invisible to the eye. These organisms also have a detrimental impact on all of us, especially with the news that COVID-19 can be airborne-transmissible.

Air purifiers help to remove harmful air contaminants, and Daikin’s patented Streamer Technology provides a thorough clean by targeting elements down to a molecular level. Combined with a robust and multi-pronged active approach, the technology aims to help protect our loved ones from air pollutants and reduce the spread of common diseases.


When dealing with particles so microscopic, air sanitisation requires a sophisticated clean via powerful purifying technology. With powerful three-directional suction from the ample outlets at the sides and bottom, the Daikin Streamer Air Purifier achieves pure air using 3Cs – clash, cycle and clean.

After a pre-filter traps larger particles, the initial "clash" happens at the electrostatic HEPA filter, trapping up to 99.97 per cent of harmful particles in order to enable greater airflow. Afterwards, the air “cycles” through a deodorising filter that destroys odour-causing agents.

As the clarified stream of air exits the purifier, Active Plasma Ion Technology (available in selected models only) releases its safe plasma discharge that "cleans" and destroys pollutants in the air. The flow of streamer discharge absorbs and decomposes the particles in the air purifier, detoxifying the air. From the dust filter to the humidifying wheel found in selected models, pollutants like the influenza virus, tuberculosis bacteria, fungi, mould and allergens are effectively eradicated, with in-lab tests indicating an efficacy of up to 99.9 per cent. 


Daikin Streamer Air Purifier

What is invisible is just as important. In the last year and more, many of us are spending a lot more time at home, which is why creating a safe environment has never been more important.

Thanks to its patented Streamer Technology, Daikin helps to create a bubble of clean air for your family and loved ones, eliminating common bacteria that can cause a severe form of pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ disease, multiple strains of influenza virus, and SARS-CoV-2. 

Get your Daikin Streamer Air Purifier and breathe easier.


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