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  1. Assortment of traditional Chinese herbs

    Turning to TCM to boost your health? Here's what you should know

    How are the bottled herbal drinks you buy at food courts and supermarkets different from the TCM remedies prescribed by certified physicians? Can ...
  2. Justice League Wonder Woman Batman

    Watched an action hero pop back a dislocated shoulder onscreen? Don't try it at home

    The Hollywood-prescribed treatments for joint dislocation, bleeding, choking and hyperventilation may save the day in the movies. But they ...
  3. Black and white photo of man looking out of window

    COVID-19 news making you anxious? Heed these expert tips on how to stay calm

    It’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed during these distressing times – but there are ways to lessen the psychological impact.  
  4. Netflix sitting position - hero image

    Is binge-watching giving you a backache? Here’s how to prevent it

    Who knew TV bingeing could be back-breaking work? CNA Lifestyle spoke to the experts on how your favourite TV-watching position can hurt your ...
  5. Home quarantine

    Life under quarantine: No hazmat suits but aunties and plenty of zombies

    CNA Lifestyle’s Khoo Bee Khim was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and was given a quarantine order. Here’s how she kept boredom at bay.
  6. Home first aid kit reboot

    Does the thermometer still work? When to replace items in your first aid kit at home

    CNA Lifestyle checks with the experts on when to replace items such as plasters, medicine and even masks – because a lot of these expire after a ...
  7. Neon sign of tongue

    What’s that white coating on your tongue? How to tell if you’re healthy or not

    The tongue's appearance can tell a lot about one's health. Does it look like raw meat or have “hair”? Experts tell CNA Lifestyle what these all mean.
  8. Hands applying product

    Buying hand sanitisers? How to avoid wasting money on what doesn’t work

    If the ingredients list water as the first component, it is likely to have less than 60 per cent alcohol – the minimum amount you need to keep ...
  9. Close-up of a woman's eye with make-up on

    Thinning eyebrows: It could be a medical issue, not just a sign of ageing

    The rate of hair growth slows when you’re older, but certain health conditions could also be the cause of your brows looking worse for wear.
  10. Asian woman with bright smile showing teeth

    Are you grinding your teeth? You could be stressed or have a sleeping disorder

    Teeth grinding and jaw clenching – also known as bruxism – could manifest during sleep and even unconsciously in the day.