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  1. Motion sickness altitude sickness holiday travel

    How to avoid motion and altitude sickness on your holiday

    Whether you’re travelling in a moving vehicle, or hiking to a lookout point, here’s how to minimise nausea and headache without resorting to medicine.
  2. Make-up testers bacteria

    Make-up and bacteria: Ranking the dirtiest product testers at the cosmetics counter

    Oral herpes, skin infections and acne are not the gifts with purchase you want to bring home with your new lipstick.
  3. Low blood pressure fainting

    Low blood pressure can lead to heart attacks – or create a scene at the very least

    Low blood pressure can result in dizziness, a lack of concentration, blurred vision and fainting spells – as CNA Lifestyle finds out the hard way.
  4. Flu cold sneeze virus

    Whether it’s the flu or monkeypox, here’s how to avoid picking up a virus

    Should you move away if someone at the next table is sneezing? And how long does a virus survive on surface tops? CNA Lifestyle asks an expert.
  5. Children TCM acupuncture paediatric tuina acupressure

    TCM for kids? Some parents are taking an alternative approach to paediatric wellness

    To boost immune systems, some parents have started planning stops at the TCM clinic before dropping the kids off at the daycare centre.
  6. Joan Liew

    Eat carbs and still lose weight, says professional bodybuilder in new book

    This and other weight-loss tips from Joan Liew, Singapore's veteran woman bodybuilder and author of The Skinny Sumo Wrestler.
  7. Heels gait (1)

    Pro tips for high heel lovers: How to walk safely and elegantly in those stilettos

    You may be wearing the sexiest Louboutins but if you’re not stepping right, you might walk like you’re wearing clown shoes – or worse, sprain your ...
  8. Hero Kelsey Wells

    How Instagram fitness star Kelsey Wells beat post-baby weight – and you can, too

    The social media star and creator of the PWR programme will also be conducting her signature workout in Singapore for the first time at ...
  9. Man boobs breasts gynacomastia

    Keeping abreast of man boobs: When you should see a doctor or hit the gym

    While weight gain is a common cause, there are other medical conditions that can cause men to develop breasts, too.
  10. Tweaks in your daily life for rosacea MAIN image

    Does your face always look red? Here's what you can do to help reduce the blush

    This Rosacea Awareness Month, get the tips to minimise a flare-up.