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  1. Person holding up a sign with an angry face

    Always fighting with family during Chinese New Year? Here's how to keep your cool

    Do family reunion dinners and visits end up with you being in a foul mood? What causes that and is there a way to calm down after being asked why ...
  2. An old suitcase filled with ribbons

    Like to keep stuff you don’t need? How to find out if you’re a hoarder

    One in 50 people in Singapore display hoarding behaviour. How do you convince yourself to let things go – especially for Chinese New Year spring ...
  3. Reunion dinner

    How to keep the kilos off during reunion dinner or when visiting during CNY

    The good news is it doesn't mean completely saying “no” to pineapple tarts and bak kwa. Here are tips from your neighourhood polyclinic experts on ...
  4. Curly Hair Singaporeans

    Ladies, it’s time to embrace your natural, curly hair

    Managing curly hair in this humidity has its problems, but you can drop those flat irons and love your natural hair. Here's how.
  5. Bare legs dangling over water

    What causes water retention and how to deal with swollen ankles and fingers

    From salty food to gravity, experts explain the reasons behind edema – and why drinking less doesn’t really help.
  6. Baby getting a diaper change

    Why do babies get so many vaccination jabs? And what are these for?

    It may seem like your newborn is getting an injection every month. What are they for and why are they necessary?
  7. Economy rice

    Time to chew slowly: How eating economy rice can lead to broken teeth

    Even the most common foods you eat can crack your tooth if you’re not careful – and we’re not talking about crunching ice. Also, what do you do if ...
  8. Diet long term weight loss (1)

    Why diets don't work: The reason that weight you lost comes back with a vengeance

    The Ketogenic Diet, intermittent fasting and the various forms of high-protein, low-carb diets may be the rage now but experts say don't get your ...
  9. Close-up of a roasted turkey

    Christmas foods that are actually healthy for you – and they're not vegetables

    Ever wondered if any of the Christmas treats are good for you? You don't have to feel guilty asking for second helpings of these.
  10. Christmas bloating

    Why do you feel bloated after all that rich food? How do you ease the discomfort?

    If you’re planning to indulge yourself this festive month, read this. And take note: It’s not just overeating that leads to bloating – rushing to ...