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  1. why you should see a doctor for chronic pain

    Have you been ignoring a nagging pain? Here's why you should see a doctor

    Pain can affect other systemic problems like blood pressure and blood sugar control and may even lead to depression and anxiety.
  2. Nazri Sutari world kickboxing championships

    How this Singaporean went from ‘fat kid’ to world kickboxing contender

    Nazri Sutari, representing Singapore at the Senior World Kickboxing Championships and SEA Games, on how he endured mean nicknames to go from 97kg ...
  3. Are you burning more calories if you sweat more

    Why do men sweat more than women? And do you burn more calories if you do?

    CNA Lifestyle talks to experts about all things related to sweating – from debunking workout myths to reasons why it’s a good thing to why men are ...
  4. Star Search contestants and mentor Christopher Lee at rehearsal

    How Star Search mentor Christopher Lee made his students cry – yes, even the guys

    What’s it like to be in a Star Search 2019 workshop class? CNA Lifestyle dropped by to see how the veteran actor whipped the semi-finalists into ...
  5. Frail seniors age related muscle loss wheelchair

    How to protect yourself against age-related muscle loss

    We lose about 8 per cent of muscle every decade from age 40. Experts say resistance and weight training can help with that.
  6. Woman with eyes closed in thought

    Those eyelash extensions you love wearing may have bacteria and fungi

    Some might cause allergic reactions or infections. Here’s how you can still put them on without further irritating your eyes or worse – causing an ...
  7. eating salty food could lead to early osteoporosis

    How salty food, work stress and soft drinks can lead to a broken hip

    Osteoporosis Awareness Month isn’t just for the older folk – doctors are seeing more young people with osteoporosis, thanks to unhealthy lifestyle ...
  8. Woman solo traveller hiking

    From Chiang Mai to Rome: The best places for women to travel alone

    Thinking of going on a holiday by yourself, ladies? CNA Lifestyle lists some of the best destinations and handy tips for a more immersive, ...
  9. A glass of chocolate milk

    Want to maximise your gym results? Drink chocolate milk post-workout

    Eating the wrong food at the wrong time might cancel out your efforts in the gym. Here is what experts say you should and shouldn't eat – and when.
  10. Woman holding a glass of white wine

    Will drinking alcohol and eating tofu increase the risk of getting breast cancer?

    It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and CNA Lifestyle asked medical experts to weigh in on whether our lifestyle habits have an impact on getting ...