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  1. Nap sleep health cafe

    The benefits of napping – and how to snooze without affecting your sleep at night

    Trying to get the most out of your nap this World Sleep Day (Mar 15)? Try this surprising hack by drinking a cup of coffee or tea before a nap.
  2. neon heart attack women at risk symptoms and signs CNA Lifestyle

    7 in 10 Singaporeans can’t recognise heart attack symptoms: Survey

    As many as one in two women think they aren’t at risk – when heart attacks are the No 1 killer among women in Singapore.
  3. gout young singaporeans too much beer and protein

    Why more younger Singaporeans are getting gout: Too much beer and protein

    Plus, the surprising foods that you may still be able to consume if you have this painful form of arthritis.
  4. Beer non-alcoholic health trend (1)

    Beer for non-drinkers? In Singapore, the trend for low and non-alcoholic beers is growing

    As LNA beer options and consumption grow, there's now a push among beer makers to entice those who don't drink, with lower calories and a better ...
  5. Walking tours holidays

    Walking tours: More Singaporeans are stepping up to this hot vacation trend

    One travel company has seen 15 per cent growth for adventure holidays where walking the scenic route is the point in destinations such as Jeju ...
  6. Medieval sword fighting Singapore PHEMAS

    Medieval fencing cuts a common ground for fans from all walks of life

    The modern-day ‘knights’ who take the sword-fighting stuff that you see in movies and role-playing computer games very seriously.
  7. Flight cabin passengers

    Passengers behaving badly – and what you can do about them

    Being polite and firm can take you far, say travel experts.
  8. Chinese New Year over-indulgence piggy pineapple tart

    Pigged out over Chinese New Year? Here's how to help the over-indulgence

    It may surprise you but the experts say you don't have to go on a juice cleanse or stick to soup to mitigate all that feasting. Here's what you ...
  9. Eyebrow tattoos laser removal

    Bad, bad brows: What to do when eyebrow tattoos go green, red or just disastrous

    Other than laser treatment, eyebrow embroidery may also be used to correct eyebrow tattoos that have gone to the dark side of beauty.
  10. Raw vegan diet food period women

    Dangerous myth: The extreme diet some women are on to stop their periods

    These women think menstruation is a process of toxins leaving the body and credit this vegan diet for putting an end to it. Experts, however, ...