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  1. Heart shaped floral arrangement

    Tips to make your Mother’s Day bouquet – and Mum’s smile – last longer

    Use that sachet of flower food (or make your own) and put the flowers to bed in the fridge.
  2. Bad habits - skipping toothbrushing

    Is it okay to skip the toothbrush once in a while and use toothpicks instead?

    An expert says these bad habits won’t affect you health-wise, even if there are caveats. Good luck with bad breath!
  3. Illo for picking scab

    Why we sometimes can’t resist picking scabs: Blame it on our ape ancestors

    In CNA Lifestyle’s ongoing series on bad habits, we look at scab-picking. One reason why people do it could be a slight addiction to the mild pain ...
  4. Hero Kelsey Wells

    How Instagram fitness star Kelsey Wells beat post-baby weight – and you can, too

    The social media star and creator of the PWR programme will also be conducting her signature workout in Singapore for the first time at ...
  5. Breast cancer survivor Sheron Sng

    ‘My whole world collapsed’: A mother's fight against breast cancer to regain her life

    Sheron Sng's mother had pancreatic cancer. The homemaker shares how that experience helped prepare her for her own fight – and how she overcame it ...
  6. Economy rice spread of dishes

    'Uncle, less rice': Does that really help you lose weight when eating economy rice?

    In this week's Calculate Your Calories series, we look at economy rice or cai fan – and why you shouldn’t completely omit rice from your order. Also:
  7. Bad habit nail biting

    Why you should stop that dirty habit of biting your nails when stressed or bored

    Most people outgrow it in adulthood but what if you don't? Viral infections and being susceptible to bacteria are things to watch out for. An ...
  8. Trainer spotting man doing bicep curls

    ‘Good’ vs ‘bad’ pain: How to tell when your body is saying 'no' while exercising

    From running to yoga, spin classes or swimming, you need to know the warning signs – and when to tell your trainer or even yourself it’s time to stop.
  9. Illo for digging nose

    How frequent nose picking can enlarge nostrils and introduce more bacteria

    In this new series, CNA Lifestyle asks the experts for their thoughts on common bad habits. This week, we look at a very universal one: Nose picking.
  10. Stingray, jellyfish, bee

    First aid tips: What should you do after being stung by a stingray, jellyfish or bee?

    Do you remove the sting? Do you wash with fresh water or seawater? Find out how to bring down the pain and swelling with these helpful tips from ...