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  1. Presbyopia eyesight

    Living with 'lao hua': How to deal with presbyopia

    The bad news: You can’t prevent or stop it. The good news: There are options beyond just getting reading glasses.
  2. can you take too many vitamins

    Too much Vitamin C can cause kidney stones – are you popping supplements safely?

    Nutrition experts tell CNA Lifestyle why multivitamins aren't always your best bet – and which common notions about health supplements are ...
  3. Composite picture of kimchi and yoghurt

    Anxious? Depressed? Indigestion? Experts say kimchi or yoghurt can help

    The latest approach to improving your mood and memory – including how some doctors are approaching autism – starts with paying attention to your gut.
  4. HIIT CrossFit injuries fatigue

    From CrossFit to HIIT: Are you at risk of injury at your overcrowded gym?

    How much space do you need to avoid a kettlebell accident? Does your trainer need to be certified? These are the questions you need to ask before ...
  5. Heels gait (1)

    Pro tips for high heel lovers: How to walk safely and elegantly in those stilettos

    You may be wearing the sexiest Louboutins but if you’re not stepping right, you might walk like you’re wearing clown shoes – or worse, sprain your ...
  6. Air-conditioner air-conditioning optimal cooling compressor

    Feeling warm at home? Turning up your air-con at full blast might not be the best solution

    There’s more to cooling down your flat than just lowering the temperature settings. From where they’re placed to having the right "BTU", here are ...
  7. Flu cold sneeze virus

    Whether it’s the flu or monkeypox, here’s how to avoid picking up a virus

    Should you move away if someone at the next table is sneezing? And how long does a virus survive on surface tops? CNA Lifestyle asks an expert.
  8. A woman with skin tags on her neck

    What are those bits of hanging skin on your body? And how do you get rid of them?

    Skin tags tend to crop up when you reach your 40s. While relatively harmless, having a lot can indicate problems like diabetes or a hormonal ...
  9. Butt piles haemorrhoids

    Smart phones, weight lifting and mala are causing problems in the loo for Singaporeans

    There's an uptick in the number of cases involving haemorrhoids – or piles – say the experts. And it's mainly got to do with our lifestyle choices.
  10. Ear wax cleaning injury

    Wax on, wax off? Why cleaning your ears might do more harm than good

    Are you the type who loves to dig your ears? It might feel enjoyable but there's a danger to it. And guess what, you might not need to clean your ...