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Khoo Bee Khim

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Person taking vegetables out of fridge

    Is your fridge full of spoiling food? Storage tips to avoid wastage and to save money

    Do you end up with a lot of dairy items, fruits and vegetables you can’t use? Experts tell you how best to store these in the fridge.
  2. Your Ageing Gut food allergies hero image

    Why you might become allergic to shellfish, nuts or even bird’s nest with age

    Your Gut Feeling is an ongoing series on digestive health. In this instalment, find out why some people who were perfectly fine suddenly develop ...
  3. Jellyfish

    My real-life experience with jellyfish stings: What worked and what didn’t

    With recent box jellyfish sightings in Singapore, CNA Lifestyle’s Khoo Bee Khim recalls her previous stinging experience in Australia and lists ...
  4. Young couple walking

    Time to go for a walk? You’ll burn calories, lose weight, de-stress and improve knee pain

    Walking around Singapore isn't just a cool thing to do on weekends. It's got a lot of health and mood-lifting benefits. CNA Lifestyle asks the ...
  5. Woman holding right side of abdomen

    The truth about appendicitis – is there a way to prevent it and can it happen twice?

    Remember actor Daniel Wu’s recent ordeal? Is that normal? Can you avoid having to undergo surgery? CNA Lifestyle answers your burning questions.
  6. Woman scratching arm with expression

    How to deal with eczema if wearing masks and washing hands make you itch

    There's been a rise in patients with eczema problems after the "circuit breaker". You might want to bring your own liquid soap and hand ...
  7. Hot coffee oesophageal cancer

    Could your hot drink be putting you at risk of oesophageal cancer?

    CNA Lifestyle tells you why you might want to stay away from piping hot beverages - especially if you smoke or drink alcohol.
  8. What your poo says about your health video

    What your poo says about your health

    A change in colour of your stools may point to medical conditions – see your doctor immediately if there is cause for concern.
  9. Man in a plane looking into his bag

    Travel a lot for work? Stay healthy, keep fit and eat well with these tips

    Thanks to limited options (hotel food) and tight schedules (lots of meetings), business travellers often have a hard time keeping to their diets ...
  10. Sneezing on people

    Is there a safe zone to escape the germs when someone sneezes near you?

    What if someone on the MRT unleashes one right next to you? And what if you hold your breath? Bless you, we’ve got the answers.