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  1. Illustration of man using nasal inhaler

    Always sticking these into your nose? Why nasal inhalers can be bad for you

    There’s more to this ‘uncle’ accessory than meets the eye (or nose). For one, the ingredients used in many inhalers can ironically be responsible ...
  2. Girl eating

    1 in 2 Singapore parents gets stressed out during mealtimes – how to deal with fussy kids

    Long eating times, a sense of helplessness and frustration, and worry over children getting a balanced diet are some of the reasons for the ...
  3. Myth busting - Eyelid twitching

    Myth busting: A twitching eyelid means someone is thinking of you

    CNA Lifestyle continues its series debunking some commonly held notions about health and wellness. This month, it’s about how twitching eyelids ...
  4. Man with McDonald's paper bag over head

    Life without bubble tea: How to cope with change during the pandemic

    Work from home, home-based learning, no haircuts – we’ve been adjusting to one big change after another because of COVID-19. Experts shed light on ...
  5. Working out at home

    Using TikTok and other tips to stay motivated while exercising during the circuit breaker

    Finding it hard to keep on working out? Fitness ambassadors share their tricks to stay focused at home – from dance challenges on social media to ...
  6. Hand reaching for canned drinks on the supermarket shelf

    Having more sweet drinks while stuck at home? It might lead to dehydration

    Our sugar consumption might be higher during the “circuit breaker” period, which makes us thirstier. Here’s why you shouldn’t forget to drink water.
  7. Woman with hand held at her ear

    Why do some people hear a constant ringing in their ears? Is it normal?

    That phantom noise is called tinnitus and experts say it may worsen with age. Here’s what you can do to prevent that.
  8. Illustration on seat smacking to prevent piles

    Myth busting: Smacking the warm bus seat before sitting prevents piles

    CNA Lifestyle’s new series debunks some commonly held notions about health and wellness. This month, tell your grandma it’s perfectly fine to sit ...
  9. Cloth mask

    Machine-wash or hand-wash? Cleaning reusable cloth masks the right way

    Is hanging your washed mask up the best way to dry it? Should you boil it in water? Here’s a quick guide.
  10. A tote filled with canned food

    Cooking tips: How to make canned food and instant noodles more nutritious

    Fresh food is the best but canned food and instant noodles can have their merits in a pinch, especially if ordering in is burning a hole in your ...