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  1. Diet long term weight loss (1)

    Why diets don't work: The reason that weight you lost comes back with a vengeance

    The Ketogenic Diet, intermittent fasting and the various forms of high-protein, low-carb diets may be the rage now but experts say don't get your ...
  2. Chinese New Year stay trim healthy calories fitness

    How to enjoy Chinese New Year without gaining weight and feeling ill

    It's that time of year when you'll be eating and slacking off. CNA Lifestyle gathered some pro tips to help you get through the festive season – ...
  3. Travel vaccination jabs influenza hepatitis tetanus

    Why you should consider travel vaccinations even to places like Bali or Tokyo

    Planning a getaway vacation this CNY? It's important to keep up to date with possible health risks at your travel destination.
  4. How to choose the right mattress

    How to buy a new mattress that's perfect for you and your sleep habits

    It isn't just about good back support but also about suiting the way you sleep and improving your sleep hygiene. CNA Lifestyle offers a handy ...
  5. Swallow objects SpongeBob SquarePants

    What to do when you've swallowed something you shouldn't have

    It might be surprising to know that the classic signs of choking – like coughing – aren't always present when you swallow fish or chicken bones.
  6. Party feet woes blisters plantar fasciiatis corns

    Blisters and other party feet woes: How to prevent and treat them

    CNA Lifestyle brings you expert tips - and they're not just for the ladies. Guys can benefit, too.
  7. Dirty office bacteria germs E. coli salmonella

    How filthy is your workspace since you went on leave? The toilet seat might be cleaner

    Just how germy is your workspace after you come back from leave? You'll want to get ready your disinfectant after reading this. (And throw out ...
  8. Migraine pain relief headache trigger Chinese New Year

    Back to work with a migraine – and Chinese New Year could make it worse

    What you can do to migraine-proof yourself during the CNY festive period, and the newly approved preventive injection for chronic migraine sufferers.
  9. onsen japan do you have to be naked etiquette CNA Lifestyle nozawa

    Naked etiquette: From onsens in Japan to jjimjilbangs in South Korea

    How – and when – to take it all off in front of total strangers on holiday.
  10. Let's Celebrate 2019! Daniel Boey fashion director

    Let’s Celebrate 2019! countdown show a dedication to Singapore talents

    Catch Pierre Png, Romeo Tan on the catwalk. Plus, how Singapore’s godfather of fashion Daniel Boey re-styles the looks of Michelle Obama and ...