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Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Woman looking at handphone while using treadmill

    Reading this on your phone while exercising? Multi-tasking may lead to injuries

    Digital distractions can be a double-edged sword, say experts. If you’re not careful, it can lead to injuries – but listening to music can also ...
  2. Workout mistakes hero pic

    Getting fit in 2021? Common workout mistakes we always make and how to fix these

    Local fitness experts reveal the nine exercises they see people performing incorrectly and share tips on how to correct them. These include ...
  3. Man making latte art

    Almond, oat or soy? What’s the best milk alternative if you’re lactose intolerant

    You’ve heard of non-dairy milks but what are the pros and cons of each plant-based option? And if you love coffee, how does each one affect the ...
  4. Christmas bloating

    Why do you feel bloated after all that rich food? How do you ease the discomfort?

    If you’re planning to indulge yourself this festive month, read this. And take note: It’s not just overeating that leads to bloating – rushing to ...
  5. Christy Chung and Aaron Kwok

    Christy Chung and Aaron Kwok in their 50s: The truth about celeb diets and workouts

    We see celebrities of a certain vintage flaunting their bods on social media – but can we really look as good as them? Are there red flags when it ...
  6. Spread of Christmas food

    How to still enjoy hearty festive meals without worrying about weight gain

    You’re likely to add anything from 0.5kg to 1kg during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve period. How do you enjoy the festivities you deserve ...
  7. Sad woman in front of festive lights

    When a pandemic meets holiday blues: How to cope with a doubly stressful year-end period

    Financial instability, feelings of failure and fear for the uncertain future are some common issues that can make the holiday blues even bluer ...
  8. Back view of man seated in front of laptop working

    Does WFH lead to deep vein thrombosis? It’s not about sitting down but weight gain

    When it comes to DVT, weight gain that progresses into obesity and ageing are more of a risk factor than prolonged sitting, an expert tells CNA ...
  9. Woman scratching her arm

    Unexplained rashes: Why do they occur and when should you see a doctor?

    The prevalent use of disinfectants during the pandemic may be a factor but sometimes, it's difficult to pinpoint the exact trigger, say experts.
  10. Close-up of toothbrush with toothpaste

    Are we brushing teeth the wrong way? Too much toothpaste, rinsing with water

    You might have come across a Malaysian dentist's TikTok videos on dental hygiene tips. We asked health experts to elaborate on what we might be ...