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  1. how to level up shoulder workout exercise advance CNA Lifestyle

    Next-Level Workout: How to sculpt defined shoulders and strengthen your core

    In this new eight-part series, CNA Lifestyle brings you trainer-certified moves to help you reap more results from your workouts.
  2. Period hormone menstrual cycle Hero

    Sharper brain, higher pain threshold – here's how to take advantage of your cycle

    It isn't just for making babies. Knowing how hormonal fluctuations affect you can help you ace that big presentation, plan your travel adventures ...
  3. Alternative burial methods ashes cremation

    Coping with grief: Alternative burial methods can help the living deal with loss

    People are choosing to turn their loved ones’ ashes into keepsake gemstones, encase them in biodegradable urns and more.
  4. Focus concentrate adult ADHD

    Could you have adult ADHD if you have problems concentrating? It's certainly a possibility

    What are the symptoms? And what does adult ADHD look like compared to a condition diagnosed during childhood? CNA Lifestyle finds out.
  5. Vegan Salad Bowl

    Singaporeans are not eating enough vegetables – and health experts know why

    Think you're better than meat eaters? Don't gloat too soon because those cucumber slices in chicken rice and strips of xiao bai cai in your ...
  6. What your poo says about your health video

    What your poo says about your health

    A change in colour of your stools may point to medical conditions – see your doctor immediately if there is cause for concern.
  7. Probiotic skincare good bacteria acne pimple 1

    Stress could be the reason behind that pimple – here’s how to fight it

    Believe it or not, bacteria could be your best bet against zits and dry, itchy skin.
  8. Curly Hair Singaporeans

    Ladies, it’s time to embrace your natural, curly hair

    Managing curly hair in this humidity has its problems, but you can drop those flat irons and love your natural hair. Here's how.
  9. Singapore BTO Open Kitchen ideas Fuse Concept 3

    How to Singapore-proof your open-concept kitchen

    Helpful design tips to maximise your new BTO cooking space – without your cooking ruining everything.
  10. MICHELIN Street Food Festival 5

    Sold-out crowds at the second helping of the Michelin Guide Street Food Festival

    4,000 food fans are feasting on biryani, durian chendol, a mountain of uni and Heart Attack Fried Rice all weekend. It might inspire you to get ...