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  1. Woman with back ache working from home

    Working from home is taking its toll on our bodies: How to deal with backaches and sprains

    There’s been an increase in WFH injuries since the “circuit breaker” period. Health experts weigh in on how the right chairs and laptop positions ...
  2. Raw vegan diet food period women

    Dangerous myth: The extreme diet some women are on to stop their periods

    These women think menstruation is a process of toxins leaving the body and credit this vegan diet for putting an end to it. Experts, however, ...
  3. Massage guns

    The truth about massage guns: Do these really work? Can they replace your therapist?

    Automated massagers for muscle soreness are popular these days – even Adam Levine uses one. But are they really effective? What’s the difference ...
  4. Toddler seating on potty

    The truth about kids’ poo – and what it says about your toddler’s health

    Your child's stools will change when he switches from milk to solid food. So what can you expect of the new normal?
  5. Woman covering face with hands in embarrassment

    Saving face: Why do some people blush easily and is there a way to minimise it?

    Knowing that you're red in the face can sometimes make you blush harder. But is there a purpose to blushing and can you hide the redness?
  6. The Gym Pod 1

    Can't book a spot at the gym? Hire a container to work out in instead

    The Gym Pod offers commitment-free, pay-per-use gym and spinning equipment at Punggol Park and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. And there are measures in ...
  7. Illustration of man with mask pulled down sniffing his breath

    Do you have ‘mask breath’? How to fix it or find out if it’s something more serious

    Health experts explain why you smell your breath more these days and whether wearing a mask gives you bad breath or worsens it.
  8. Cropped pic of woman doing yoga

    Why do you fart when doing yoga? Should you hold it in until class is over?

    It’s perfectly normal – but if you’re too shy to let it rip, here are some food, drinks and even medicine to “de-gas” before holding that pose.
  9. Woman smelling perfume in store

    Nothing to sniff at: Why you might lose your sense of smell as you get older

    The loss of this ability has recently been linked to COVID-19. But there are other, more common factors that can rob you of it.
  10. A couple eating durian

    Can you get allergies from eating durian? Why is drinking alcohol a no-no?

    It’s durian season again, so CNA Lifestyle asked medical experts to shed light on some prickly questions you might have before digging in.