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Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Active lunge stretch

    Why you need to stretch after running or even brisk walking to avoid injuries

    It shouldn’t be an afterthought and there are proper ways of doing it – we list down 7 stretches to keep you limber and pain-free while doing your ...
  2. Woman applying cream to face

    Women in Singapore spend about S$270 each month on beauty and wellness

    What can you do if you want to pamper yourself occasionally but not at the expense of your financial wellbeing? Some tips and tools to help you along.
  3. Woman curled up on sofa holding abdomen

    Why menstrual cramps hurt a lot – and what painkillers and natural remedies to try

    Even when it comes to pain relievers, some are more effective than others. CNA Lifestyle breaks down the whole list, from paracetamol to chamomile ...
  4. Hands cradling grain rice bowl

    All about carbs: 10 white rice alternatives to consider (that’s not brown rice)

    You’ve heard of couscous, barley and millet. But what about farro, freekeh or orzo? How about "rice" made from broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower or ...
  5. Smiling woman putting glasses on

    Eye strain: Do you really need blue light-filtering lenses for your glasses?

    We’ve read about how blue light is harmful to your eyes and disrupts sleep – but do you actually need to wear these or does the problem lie elsewhere?
  6. Close-up of woman's abdomen hands

    Not sure if you can exercise during your period? Here's what the experts say

    Exercise may help with the cramps and Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms. But if you're into yoga inversions, spinning or HIIT, should you carry on?
  7. Man boobs breasts gynacomastia

    Keeping abreast of man boobs: When you should see a doctor or hit the gym

    While weight gain is a common cause, there are other medical conditions that can cause men to develop breasts, too.
  8. TikTok doctors

    How Singapore healthcare experts are using TikTok to reach out to more patients

    Scroll past those thirst traps and lip-syncing videos, and you’ll see experts talking about vaccines, acne, dental care and mental wellness – and ...
  9. Woman drinking bubble milk tea

    Can drinking a cup of bubble milk tea a day lead to gout?

    It’s possible. If you’re going to indulge in the beverage, at least drink two glasses of water afterwards. A dietitian explains why.
  10. New Content Item

    Living with birthmarks: What are the ones you can and cannot remove

    It's all good if you've made peace with your birthmark. But what if the mole, brown patch or red bump on your face affects your self-confidence ...