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Should you be using a facial sheet mask daily?

Experts weigh in on the skincare trend.

It’s no secret that facial sheet masks are an Asian beauty must-have. We know of friends who credit their amazing skin to masking daily. Actress Fan Bingbing reportedly goes through at least 600 facial masks sheets a year, and has been photographed walking in public and signing autographs with nothing but sunglasses and a sheet mask as though the latter was an it accessory. Talk about commitment!

Sadly, a mask a day probably won’t keep the skin doctor away. Experts are now saying it may actually be causing your skin more harm than good. Even if applying a sheet mask every night after a long day to destress (we find this extremely therapeutic too) doesn’t break you, you might still want to skip that sheet mask tonight.

In his guide to everything you need to know about the different types of face masks, celebrity makeup artist and beauty guru Larry Yeo shared that contrary to what most believe, masks are not a must, but a good supplementary skincare boost. And when it comes to the common masking mistakes you may be making, Yeo shared that using a facial sheet mask daily will actually weaken the epidermis of your skin.

“Constant hydration through daily masking will lead to swelling at the top part of your skin. This saturation of moisture means the topical part of your skin, which is supposed to be drier, ends up weakening. This leads to cracks forming on the skin structure,” explained Yeo.

The type of sheet mask used can also affect the result. “Facial sheet masks that go for a dollar or two each usually come in the form of paper sheets,” says medical director of Prive Clinic Dr Karen Soh. “Not only is this material occlusive (closes off air to the skin) and can cause clogged pores, it will not deliver hydration as the essence evaporates quickly before it can be absorbed by your skin.” Not seeing desired results? This might be the reason you’ve been masking even more.

“If you have to mask daily, it’s a waste of money and time and proves that the mask that you are using is ineffective,” shares the founder of Taiwanese skincare brand For Beloved One, aka the queen of masks, Margaret Wu. “If you’re using a good sheet mask, the results should last for seven to 10 days. At most, masking twice a week is enough.”

But you might not need to give up masking altogether. Fresh founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg still believe in the beauty mantra of masking daily; they mask at least once a day.

“You don’t do the same mask every day. For example, when you’re feeling tired, you use one mask and when you want to rehydrate and nourish, you use another,” explains Roytberg. It’s all about mixing things up with detoxing, exfoliating, hydrating and soothing masks. “It’s about the product your skin craves today,” says Glazman.



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