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Heartland Tales

Heartland Tales

This is a showcase which uncovers the untold stories of Singapore’s heartlands. From our history, culture, people and places - there’s a tale to tell at every street and corner.

Heartland Tales - S1E8: The origin story of our favourite nasi lemak | EP 8

It is a classic staple in the Singaporean diet and we eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But is nasi lemak a dish we can call our own? What's the story behind this iconic dish? CNA938’s Aslam Shah explores the origins of the dish with Malay history and culture researcher, Khir Johari.


23/05/2022 5 mins

Heartland Tales - S1E7: The rich stories behind Singapore’s street names | EP 7

From Kay Poh Road to Jalan Malu Malu – our street and road names have hidden stories behind them. In this episode of Heartland Tales, CNA938’s Aslam Shah uncovers how our street and road names capture some parts of our history … but misses out on others.

05/05/2022 7 mins

Heartland Tales - S1E6: A Peranakan home which is also a lovingly curated museum | EP 6

The first-generation Peranakans were born here over 200 years ago and since then, a strong Peranakan culture has emerged. While many elements of the culture exist today, much has also been lost over time. In this episode of Heartland Tales, CNA938’s Aslam Shah visits a 7th generation Peranakan who has been collecting antiques for 30 years. They are displayed at his Peranakan home in Joo Chiat

22/04/2022 6 mins

Heartland Tales - S1E5: In sunny Singapore, who plays a winter sport called curling? | EP 5

Ice rinks and winter sports are not things we associate with sunny Singapore. There is, however, a local curling club here and they have big dreams of qualifying for the Winter Olympics. CNA938’s Aslam Shah steps into Singapore’s only Olympic-sized ice rink for this episode of Heartland Tales.

15/04/2022 6 mins

Heartland Tales - S1E4: Meet the ‘freegan’ who barters and recycles instead of spending money | EP 4

You've probably heard of vegans, but have you heard of “freegans”? This group chooses a lifestyle of spending as little money as possible and would rather barter, forage, rescue or repurpose - anything but spend money. What does it take to do this in Singapore, one of the most expensive cities in the world? CNA938’s Aslam Shah speaks to a freegan to find out in this episode of Heartland Tales.

08/04/2022 7 mins