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Money Mind

Money Mind - S2E4: 5 Things you need to know about rising mortgage rates | EP 4

Money Mind
08 Jun 2022 04:11PM
14 mins

Singapore’s home loan rates have more than doubled in 2022. As the US continues to raise interest rates to battle sky-rocketing inflation, what should home owners and property investors do next? Jonathan Peeris speaks to Clive Chng, Associate Director at Redbrick Mortgage Advisory and Christopher Tan, CEO of wealth advisory firm Providend to find out.

Money Mind - S2E44: 5 things about the banking crisis

Is your money safe? You may have been wondering about your deposits after a series of bank runs in the US and the emergency rescue of Credit Suisse. While the crisis has abated for now, the banking turmoil could still hit your pocket. Jonathan Peeris’ guests are Samuel Rhee, chairman and chief investment officer, Endowus, and Lim Yuen, chief investment strategist of Lion Global Investors.

05/04/2023 15 mins

Money Mind - S2E43: 5 things to know about cybercrime

When businesses and consumers go digital, the cyber crooks follow as well. So what are the new digital threats in the post-pandemic world? Sona Remesh is joined by Gene Yu, founder and CEO of Blackpanda, Stephen Topliss, vice president of fraud and identity strategy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and Feixiang He, adversary intelligence research lead at Group-IB.

29/03/2023 14 mins

Money Mind - S2E42: 5 things to know about the fall of Silicon Valley Bank

The fall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has sent shockwaves around the world. Is this the start of more bad news, and what happens next? Sona Remesh speaks with Eugene Ng, co-founder of fintech startup, Open Eden.

15/03/2023 14 mins

Money Mind - S2E41: 5 things about investing in China’s maturing economy

China is the investing destination you cannot afford to ignore – but what do you need to know about investing there, as the economy hits a turning point? Jonathan Peeris sits down with David Kuo, co-founder of The Smart Investor.

09/03/2023 17 mins

Money Mind - S2E40: 5 things you need to know about BEPS

Why does it matter where and how much big corporations pay in corporate tax, and what’s it got to do with Singapore’s attractiveness as a place to invest? Sona Remesh asks tax expert Sivakumar Saravan what are the five things you need to know about the Base Erosion Profit Shifting initiative, or BEPS.

01/03/2023 10 mins