NUS student to plead guilty to breaking into toilets, taking photos of two women

NUS student to plead guilty to breaking into toilets, taking photos of two women

Ryan You
Ryan You Jun Chao, 25, is accused of breaking into toilets and taking pictures of women. (Photo: Nuria Ling/TODAY)

SINGAPORE: A National University of Singapore (NUS) student intends to plead guilty to breaking into toilets and taking photos of two women.

Ryan You Jun Chao, 25, returned to court on Wednesday (Dec 11) for two counts of trespassing and another two of insulting a woman's modesty.

The two separate incidents allegedly occurred on Valentine's Day this year and on Mar 5.

You intends to plead guilty, with a date for him to do so fixed for Jan 20, the court heard.

According to charge sheets, he is accused of committing criminal trespass on the two occasions, once at about 7.15am and the other at about 2.15am.

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Both times, he allegedly went into a toilet at a location redacted from charge sheets and took photos of a woman.

A spokesperson for NUS told CNA on Wednesday that You has been given penalties including suspension and deferred graduation. He will also have to undergo mandatory counselling and rehabilitation sessions, and these disciplinary sanctions will be part of his educational record at the university.


The two incidents occurred before tougher sanctions were introduced, said the spokesperson.

NUS imposed tougher penalties for sexual misconduct offences in June this year, "reinforced with greater support for victims through our dedicated Victim Care Unit, which was set up in August", said the spokesperson.

"Support and assistance were immediately offered to the victims as soon as we learned of the incidents," he added.

You is also under a "no-contact order", which means he cannot contact the victim in any form or manner, a measure imposed by the university to protect the victims.

"NUS does not condone nor tolerate any form of sexual misconduct on our campuses," said the spokesperson.

The university has installed secure shower cubicles, restroom locks, additional closed-circuit television cameras and roving security patrols as part of its enhanced safety and security measures on campus, it said.

It has also introduced a module called "A Culture of Respect and Consent" that all staff and students must complete, to raise greater awareness of such issues on top of its existing resources addressing sexual misconduct.


You's case comes after several high-profile cases of NUS students in sexual misconduct cases such as molesting victims or taking upskirt or shower photos or videos of women.

They include Terence Siow Kai Yuan, who received probation for molesting a woman in an MRT station. The prosecution is appealing against his sentence.

Joel Rasis Ismail is accused of filming a fellow student in the shower, and police said he is believed to have changed his clothes after to avoid detection. His case is pending.

The cases have not been limited to NUS - a Nanyang Technological University student was given jail in January for taking upskirt videos of multiple women, while another was expelled for filming a woman showering on campus.

Polytechnic and ITE students have also been given sentences ranging from probation to jail for similar offences.

The penalties for insulting a woman's modesty is a maximum jail term of a year, a fine, or both, while the punishment for criminal trespass is up to three months' jail, a maximum S$1,500 fine, or both.

Source: CNA/ll(mn)