Former police officer jailed for abusing maid, who threw notes out of flat to ask for help

Former police officer jailed for abusing maid, who threw notes out of flat to ask for help

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(Photo illustration: Ngau Kai Yan)

SINGAPORE: A former police officer abused her maid, calling her names such as "pig" and "prostitute" and throwing items at her, until the victim tossed notes out of the window to ask for help.

For her actions, 41-year-old Nazriah Md Isa was on Tuesday (Feb 18) sentenced to two weeks' jail and ordered to pay the victim S$1,160 in compensation.

The court heard that Nazriah was a police officer with the rank of sergeant at the time. She hired a 36-year-old Indonesian woman as a domestic helper for S$580 a month, from August 2018.

The officer took out her anger on the maid, shouting at her and calling her names including "pig", "prostitute", "disaster" and "illegitimate", court documents said.

She also insulted the helper by telling her "be a prostitute" and "your mother and father give birth to a dog".

Other insults include telling the maid to "go to hell" and "if you cannot work, just jump down from the upper floor".

The victim felt humiliated and distressed by Nazriah's insults, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Kathy Chu.

In early September 2018, while helping her employer store groceries, the victim failed to place the items in the right compartments.

This angered Nazriah, who kicked the victim on her calf and spat at her face.

A month later, the victim served a cup of water to Nazriah, who questioned her about an ant in the water.

Nazriah then took a wooden toy block from the coffee table and threw it at the victim, striking her on her forehead.

The next day, the victim threw pieces of paper with messages asking for help out of the flat, and they fluttered to the first floor. 

A woman read the messages in Bahasa Indonesia and called a helpline. It was then flagged to the police.

The maid was later taken to hospital with a bruise on her forehead.

Nazriah pleaded guilty to two charges of voluntarily causing hurt, with a third charge taken into consideration.

She is no longer a police officer.

The penalty for voluntarily causing hurt is a jail term of up to two years, a fine up to S$5,000, or both.

If committed by an employer against her maid, the penalties can go up to one-and-a-half times the original penalty.

Source: CNA/ll