Detention for man who tied up girlfriend with phone cables, asked to rape her daughter

Detention for man who tied up girlfriend with phone cables, asked to rape her daughter

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Photo illustration of a man in handcuffs. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

SINGAPORE: A man who tied up his girlfriend with phone cables and asked her daughter if he could rape her was sentenced to preventive detention on Friday (Jan 18).

Goh Kim Seng, 52, had committed these offences while on bail for his involvement in a coffee shop brawl in 2016.

The court heard that Goh, who is jobless, went out drinking with his 54-year-old girlfriend on the night of Sep 8, 2017.

They returned to the woman's flat in western Singapore at about 3am the next day and fell asleep.

However, about two hours later at 5am, Goh woke up and demanded that his girlfriend cut him some fruit. She refused, saying that she was tired, but this angered Goh. 

He used a few phone charging cables to tie up his girlfriend's hands and legs, before sitting on her and slapping her face. He also punched her neck, Deputy Public Prosecutor Angela Ang said.

His girlfriend suffered bruises on her neck, face, wrists and ankles.

While she was still bound, Goh went to look for his girlfriend's daughter, who was sleeping in her room.

She followed Goh, whom she called "uncle", into her mother's room and saw that her mother had been tied up.

Goh then asked the teenager in Mandarin: "Can I rape you?" She answered "no", and Goh slapped her twice on her face. She tried to run away, but Goh pulled her hair to stop her.

Goh committed these offences while he was on bail over the coffee shop brawl.

He had been drinking at a coffee shop at Block 155, Bukit Batok Street 11 on Jun 30, 2016, when he got into a fight with another man.

The two men lashed out with their fists and also swung beer bottles at each other, with Goh striking his opponent on the head with the glass bottle.

His attack left the other man with a 3cm-long deep laceration, bleeding of the eye and a fracture.

Goh absconded after the incident with his girlfriend and her daughter, and was arrested only on Apr 11 last year.

District Judge Ng Peng Hong sentenced Goh to seven years' preventive detention. Preventive detention is a harsh punishment that places a recalcitrant offender in jail for seven to 20 years in order to protect the public from the offender.

Source: CNA/ll(cy)