Married man posed as woman to lure 8 teenage girls to have paid sex with him

Married man posed as woman to lure 8 teenage girls to have paid sex with him

State Courts 03 - file photo
File photo of Singapore's State Courts (Photo: Jeremy Long)

SINGAPORE: When posing as other men to lure girls for paid sex did not work, a married man pretended to be a woman instead and offered girls the "opportunity" to earn money for sex acts.

He then posed as his own "customers" and had sex with the young girls, paying them amounts ranging from S$50 to S$180 for a variety of acts.

For 11 charges including sexual penetration of minors, commercial sex with minors and making obscene films, Angelo Anwyll Goh Hao-Yi, 34, was sentenced to four years and 10 months' jail on Thursday (Nov 7).

Another 15 charges were taken into consideration.

The court heard that the father of three had tried engaging girls for sex using several fake male profiles but did not receive any response. 

He decided to pose as a woman, starting a Facebook account in May 2016 and adopting the persona of a "Vacinta Koh", who was below 20 like his intended targets.

Goh then sent friend requests to young girls he fancied on Facebook, chatting them up if they accepted.

He asked the girls if they wanted to earn "quick money" of between S$100 to S$200 per hour to work as a "part-time girlfriend" or "escort".

"Vacinta" pretended that she was also doing such jobs and could recommend "nice clients", said Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Pei Wei.

He would arrange for girls who took up his offer to meet "a client", who was in fact himself.

"Vacinta" told the girls the rates for each sexual act performed were S$60 for penile-vaginal penetration, S$30 for fellatio and S$100 for both, with additional costs for anal penetration.

They would be paid an additional S$10 for wearing school uniforms during the encounter and an extra S$20 to be filmed during sex.

He ran this scheme for about two years until Apr 2, 2018, and had more than 2,000 friends on Vacinta's Facebook account at the time of investigations.

The eight victims he had were aged between 13 and 17.


One of the victims was 15 when she received a friend request from Goh posing as Vacinta.

She was initially reluctant to accept the job offer but Goh convinced her by claiming there were younger girls earning money the same way.

Goh posed as a client named Ken and picked the victim up near her school in his black BMW convertible on Feb 2, 2018.

He then drove to a hotel where he set up his phone to film the encounter and had sex with the girl.

The victim, who was a virgin, felt a sharp pain and told Goh about it. He told her to relax and continued, before paying her S$80.

On another occasion, he filmed a 17-year-old victim during oral sex, and refused to delete the clip when she asked him to.

He chatted up another victim, who was 14, by pretending that "Vacinta" had also been raped. The teenager had told him that she had previously been raped.

He paid the girl S$60 each for two occasions of sexual activity, once in a hotel and then in a car park.

The youngest victim, a 13-year-old girl, initially declined the job offer, but Goh persisted.

The teenager told him that she was worried about getting pregnant or contracting HIV, but "Vacinta" said she would introduce her to her own regular clients.

Goh then posed as a client named Ken, picked the girl up at a shopping mall and drove her to an apartment in Ipoh Lane, where he molested her and persuaded her to perform fellatio on him.

He paid her S$80 and dropped her off at an MRT station.

Goh was arrested on Apr 2, 2018, and devices seized from him were found to contain 23 obscene films.

The prosecutor asked for 60 months' jail, pointing out the man's "sheer premeditation and persistence in offending". 

The defence asked for 48 months' jail and was granted a week's deferment of the sentence, after asking for some time for Goh to bond with his three very young kids.

Source: CNA/ll(hm)