Woman jailed for using former employer's credit card to make 73 Foodpanda orders worth S$2,200

Woman jailed for using former employer's credit card to make 73 Foodpanda orders worth S$2,200

A Foodpanda rider on an e-scooter.
A foodpanda rider on an e-scooter. (File photo: TODAY)

SINGAPORE: A personal assistant who used to make Foodpanda orders for a chief executive officer of a stationery firm kept the credit card details and used them to make 73 orders for herself after she left the company.

Over about two months, 41-year-old Lin Qian Dai Lin placed about S$2,200 worth of orders on Foodpanda for food from places like PastaMania, Haagen-Dazs and The Soup Spoon, using the credit card details of her ex-boss.

She was jailed five months on Tuesday (Jan 12) after pleading guilty to one count of cheating.

The court heard that Lin worked as a personal assistant to the CEO of Nippecraft from April 2017 to February 2018, making purchases for her and using her credit card details for travel bookings and food deliveries.

Because of this, the CEO's credit card details were stored in the Foodpanda application on Lin's phone.

Lin left her job on Feb 15, 2018, but did not delete her ex-employer's credit card details from her app. On Jul 7, 2019, Lin placed an order from Burger King via Foodpanda and inadvertently chose the victim's credit card as a mode of payment instead of her own.

She later realised that she had not been charged for the bill, and that it was charged instead to the victim. She became greedy and decided to use the victim's credit card for future orders from Foodpanda, court documents said.

Between Jul 13 and Sep 7 in 2019, Lin cheated Foodpanda by deceiving it into believing that the victim had placed 73 food orders with her credit card, resulting in the food delivery firm sending a total of S$2,285.07 worth of meals to Lin. 

After realising that someone was making Foodpanda orders using her credit card, the victim lodged a police report on Oct 19, 2019. She also told the police she had lost the credit card. 

Lin has made some restitution and apologised. 

For cheating, she could have been jailed for up to 10 years and fined.

Source: CNA/ll(hs)