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  1. Hong Kong protests on Jul 22, 2019

    Taiwan foreign minister calls for 'genuine' elections in Hong Kong

  2. Men wearing white attacking protesters and commuters at Yuen Long MTR station on Jul 21, 2019

    45 injured after mob attack at Hong Kong MTR station

  3. Collage of violence at Yuen Long MTR station

    Masked men assault protesters, commuters in Hong Kong MTR station

  4. Hong Kong police

    Tear gas and rubber bullets fired as Hong Kong returns to chaos

  5. A pro-government supporter holds a placard that says "Go! Police, Go! Hong Kong" during a

    Thousands in pro-police rally as Hong Kong braces for another mass protest

    Tens of thousands gathered in Hong Kong on Saturday to voice support for the police and call for an end to violence, after a wave of protests ...
  6. People hold up a black flag during a protest outside police headquarters to demand Hong Kong’s lead

    Mooncakes, hymns and post-it notes: The colour of Hong Kong's protests

    Hong Kong's protests have drawn millions of people to the city's streets in recent months and thrown the former British colony into its biggest ...
  7. Hong Kong has been rocked by more than a month of huge and largely peaceful protests

    Hong Kong's 'grey hairs' march to support youth protesters

    Hong Kong's more venerable and veteran residents took to the streets on Wednesday as the elderly put on a show of solidarity for youth-led ...