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  1. This year's Lunar New Year fairs in Hong Kong have taken on a political tone

    Hong Kong's Chinese New Year fairs get a protest makeover

    Protest-themed Lunar New Year fairs have sprung up across Hong Kong to raise money and morale for the city's pro-democracy movement despite stiff ...
  2. The models boast many features of the street protests

    Hong Kong protest models become major hit

    Intricately detailed Hong Kong protester figurines have become the latest must-have collectables as toy stores recreate the pro-democracy ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Riot police walk near a fire set by anti-extradition bill protesters during a protest a

    Off-duty Hong Kong police officer arrested for supporting protests

    An off-duty Hong Kong police officer was arrested along with seven other people on Friday as they tried to put posters on a footbridge, police said.
  4. Millions have come out on the streets in Hong Kong since June in demonstrations sparked by

    Hong Kong protests 'similar' to Venezuela unrest: Foreign minister

    Protests in Hong Kong bear an "overwhelming" similarity to political unrest that has wracked Venezuela in recent years, Venezuelan Foreign ...
  5. The student helped found a network of volunteer medics to aid the city's pro-democracy protests

    Hong Kong protest medic arrested on China mainland, say fellow students

    A Hong Kong student who helped found a network of volunteer medics to aid the city's pro-democracy protests has been arrested on the mainland, ...
  6. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam attends a news conference in Hong Kong

    'One country, two systems' can continue beyond 2047: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam

    The principle that ensures Hong Kong enjoys freedoms unavailable in mainland China can continue beyond its 2047 expiry date as long as the city's ...
  7. Security officials had to be called in to force out pro-democracy lawmakers who shouted slogans and

    Hong Kong opposition lawmakers ejected for heckling leader

    Multiple Hong Kong opposition lawmakers were ejected from the legislature on Thursday as they heckled the financial hub's pro-Beijing leader in ...