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  1. Nepal's tourism industry suffered a devastating blow last year when the pandemic prompted a

    COVID-19 threatens Everest climbing comeback plans

    More than 30 sick climbers have been evacuated from the foot of Mount Everest, raising fears that COVID-19 may scupper a hoped-for bumper season ...
  2. 19 Feb 2021
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    Ep 34: Changes During COVID-19

    From burial rituals in Nepal to bloody cockfights in the Philippines and budding e-commerce in Pakistan, COVID-19 continues to change our world.
  3. Nepal Women Protest

    Hundreds rally in Nepal's capital for women's rights

    Hundreds rally in Nepalese capital for women's rights
  4. Ep 2
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    A Deadly Ascent: Exploiting the Summit

    18 months after one of the deadliest climbing seasons, sherpas and concerned climbers from the mountaineering community question what can stop the ...
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    A Deadly Ascent: Summit Fever

    A year after the deadly 2019 season, climbers mourn those who lost their lives on Mt. Everest. Some question if stricter regulations are needed to ...
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    Commentary: 11 Everest climbers dead in 16 days - how to recover dead bodies from the world’s tallest mountain

    Recovering bodies from Everest is difficult and expensive, says mountaineering historian, Jonathan Westaway.