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  1. A flock of sheep are herded up a road in Ashburton, New Zealand, where rustling has become so

    Livestock rustlers face jail time as New Zealand tightens laws

    When livestock rustlers came for sheepbreeder Daniel Wheeler's prize ewes in the dead of night, they didn't take the animals alive -- they ...
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    South Africa detects foot and mouth disease in Limpopo province

  3. Asia Default Image

    China's NE farming belt accused of livestock pollution failures

  4. Mongolia dzud

    Severe winter killing off livestock in Mongolia

    This is the second consecutive year that the landlocked country is grappling with such severe weather conditions, known as the "dzud".
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    Boy dies, dozens hospitalised in far northern Russian anthrax outbreak

    The Yamalo-Nenetsky region, some 2,000 kilometres (1,250 miles) northeast of Moscow, has been under quarantine for a week after the deadly ...
  6. clownfish

    Spike in demand for blue tangs, clownfish after launch of Finding Dory

    SPCA urges all potential pet owners to make sure they are ready to invest the time and energy before buying them.