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  1. Senior citizens and bed-ridden patients get COVID-19 vaccines at home, in Marikina City

    Philippine health workers bring COVID-19 vaccines to people unable to leave their house

    Going door-to-door in a Manila suburb, Philippines health workers administered COVID-19 vaccinations on Wednesday to those unable to visit clinics ...
  2. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in the Philippines

    Philippines orders 24 million in and around Manila into COVID-19 lockdown

    The Philippines will reimpose stricter quarantine measures in the capital Manila and nearby provinces, a senior official said on Saturday, as the ...
  3. CNA Correspondent: Climate Change: Manila's Challenge
    Media playtime

    CNA Correspondent: Climate Change: Manila's Challenge

    The rapid expansion of cities often comes at a cost to the surrounding environment. CNA Correspondent looks at the delicate balance between ...
  4. Philippine capital reimposes restrictions amid rising COVID-19 infections

    Manila orders anyone below 18 to stay indoors as COVID-19 cases surge

    The Philippine capital Manila will widen a ban on minors leaving their residences to include youths of up to 18 years old for two weeks starting ...
  5. Coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines

    Philippine capital to retain coronavirus curbs until mass vaccinations start

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will maintain the current level of coronavirus restrictions in the capital Manila until mass vaccinations ...
  6. People on gondolas watch a movie while observing social distancing amid coronavirus disease (COVID-

    COVID-19: Debate over reopening theatres, video game arcades in the Philippines

    Philippine reopening of theaters, arcades stalls amid debate