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  1. Latin America Space Ambitions

    Latin America looks to space, despite limitations on ground

    Mars missions, astronauts coming and going at the International Space Station, China’s increasingly ambitious space program. Space-related news is ...
  2. SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft, with parachutes open, returns to Earth with four astronauts

    ISS astronauts splash down off Florida on SpaceX craft

    A SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts back to Earth splashed down off Panama City early Sunday, a NASA livestream showed.
  3. This NASA photo shows the Perseverance Mars rover in a selfie with the Ingenuity helicopter, seen

    Mars Ingenuity helicopter given new scouting mission

    After proving powered, controlled flight is possible on the Red Planet, NASA's Mars Ingenuity helicopter has new orders: scout ahead of the ...
  4. Since reaching Mars in February under the belly of the Perseverance rover, the four-pound (1.8

    Fourth flight postponed for Mars Ingenuity helicopter

    NASA's Mars Ingenuity helicopter missed its fourth scheduled flight on Thursday (Apr 29), with the space agency blaming a software glitch and ...
  5. SpaceX Crew Launch

    Biggest space station crowd in decade after SpaceX arrival

    Biggest space station crowd in decade after SpaceX arrival
  6. This handout photo obtained April 21, 2021 and released by NASA/JPL shows technicians in the clean

    In first, Perseverance Mars rover makes oxygen on another planet

    NASA's Perseverance rover keeps making history.
  7. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the company's Crew Dragon spacecraft onboard seen on the launch

    SpaceX flight to ISS postponed by one day due to weather

    A crewed SpaceX mission to the International Space Station has been postponed by a day due to weather concerns downrange of the launch site, NASA ...