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  1. Despite a police ban on street demonstrations, Nicaragua's opposition plans to hold marches

    Crisis deepens in Nicaragua a year into anti-Ortega protests

    Nicaragua's opposition has called on its supporters to defy a police ban and protest against the regime of President Daniel Ortega to mark the ...
  2. Demonstrators protest against President Daniel Ortega's rule in Managua, Nicaragua on March 23

    Nicaragua releases 50 opposition prisoners

    Nicaragua on Friday released 50 opposition prisoners held during nationwide protests against President Daniel Ortega, the interior ministry said, ...
  3. A demonstrator who was injured by an alleged paramilitary who opened fire during a protest against

    Four hurt, 10 held in Nicaragua despite govt pledges: Opposition

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    Montserrat miss out on first Gold Cup qualification

  5. Anti-government demonstrators staging a protest against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his

    Nicaraguan farmer who protested Ortega gets 216-year prison sentence

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    European parliament scolds Nicaragua over 'democratic crisis'

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    Nicaraguans in Costa Rica set out to mount anti-Ortega border protest

  8. Journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, critic of the government of President Daniel Ortega speaks wit

    Nicaragua police beat journalists in crackdown on free press

    Nicaraguan police on Saturday beat at least seven journalists with batons, including one of the country's best known editors, in an escalating ...