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  1. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is accused of increasing authoritarianism. His wife Rosario

    Nicaragua's under-fire Ortega seeking fourth term in a row: ally

    Nicaragua's long-term leader Daniel Ortega, under fire internationally over the detention of opposition figures ahead of November elections, will ...
  2. A man stands next to a photo of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on a wall to promote his candida

    Nicaragua detains another five opposition leaders, as Ortega ups the ante

    Nicaraguan police have detained at least five opposition leaders, including a presidential hopeful, deepening a sweeping crackdown of political ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Nicaragua Attorney General of the Republic office summons opposition candidate Felix Ma

    US vows to review trade cooperation with Nicaragua if elections unfair

    The United States is prepared to review "trade-related activities" with Nicaragua, including Managua's participation in a Central America free ...
  4. Latin America Space Ambitions

    Latin America looks to space, despite limitations on ground

    Mars missions, astronauts coming and going at the International Space Station, China’s increasingly ambitious space program. Space-related news is ...
  5. People rest in hammocks at a school

    'In the hands of God': Hurricane Iota pummels Central America

    Hurricane Iota flipped roofing onto the streets, blew down electricity poles and trees, and caused rivers to burst their banks as it battered ...
  6. People look at a flooded street during the passage of Storm Eta, in Pimienta

    'Worst storm in decades': Central America reels from calamitous floods and landslides

    The remains of Hurricane Eta dumped more torrential rain across large parts of Central America early on Friday after days of devastating floods ...