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  1. Mr Watt Zhong Qing indulges in fast food about four times a week

    The Big Read: Through thick and thin (waistlines) — Singaporeans’ enduring love affair with fast food

    Experts believe that the fast food industry here will continue to thrive despite health concerns and a cut-throat sector
  2. Chinese New Year over-indulgence eating

    Commentary: Planning to eat at your office desk again? Here’s why you should have a proper meal

    There are easy ways to reach for a healthier snack when hunger pangs strike, says National University Hospital’s Ng Zi Ling Jolyn Johal.
  3. Jewel Changi opening day (14)

    Commentary: It’s fast food galore at Jewel Changi Airport. Aren’t parents troubled by our kids’ junk food intake?

    Many have flocked to A&W and Shake Shack at Jewel Changi Airport. But maybe parents ought to take a step back to think about limiting our kids’ ...
  4. kids eating

    Tips on how to raise your children to be vegetable eaters

    From letting them play with their food to enlisting their help in the kitchen, experts offer advice on how to help children develop a taste for ...
  5. Unhealthy diet

    Poor diet linked to 1 in 5 deaths globally: Study

  6. HDL Cholesterol Too Much of a Good Thing

    HDL cholesterol: Too much of a good thing?

    As with many other good things in life, this usually helpful protein is best in moderation.
  7. are carbs or fats the best foods for athletes to eat CNA Lifestyle

    High-carb or high-fat: What is the best diet for athletes who want to win?

    A new review about the science of sports nutrition provides insight into what currently is known – and not known – about how athletes should eat.
  8. soft drinks in singapore

    Singaporeans consuming fewer calories, but sugar and salt intake remains high

  9. Skip meals lose weight diabetes gastritis junk food bad breath muscle mass

    Is it ok to skip meals, even occasionally? Here's what happens to your body

    You might lose a little weight but there are other health issues to contend with, say experts.