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  1. East Coast GRC general election

    East Coast: Advantage PAP in redrawn GRC at the next General Election?

    Political observers still expect a tough fight, saying that parties are likely to field heavyweight candidates to refresh their support in the ...
  2. Voters at Bukit Batok Sec School polling station for the Bukit Batok by-election on May 7, 2016.

    Commentary: What elections in a coronavirus outbreak could look like

    Governments, election authorities and legislators must grapple with whether to postpone polling days and how to manage campaigning and voting if ...
  3. Singapore vote

    Commentary: So what if the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee’s report is out?

    It's a mixed report card for the announced boundary changes with respect to contestability, but it may be COVID-19 that is the game-changer for ...
  4. PM Lee Hsien Loong at NCID Jan 31 (17)

    'Two choices' for General Election timing, says PM Lee