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  1. open plan office communal table office workers

    Goodbye, offices: The good, the bad, and the ugly of the modern workplace

    Offices will open again, but with new rules and with less importance. Those with most to mourn might be the young, who have the least space at ...
  2. Woman working on laptop at home

    Commentary: The weird and disorienting uncertainty of starting a new job under COVID-19

    In the time of coronavirus, when starting a job normally is unrealistic, adjusting expectations may be the key to surviving – and thriving – in a ...
  3. Woman using laptop and drinking coffee

    Commentary: Hello COVID-19 remote working, goodbye cult of presenteeism

    The coronavirus-fuelled leap to remote working will overturn the cult of presenteeism, say Carys Chan and Shea Fan.
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    26 Apr 2019: How to have a successful and fulfilling career

    Many adults wonder how to avoid burnout at work while still keeping their career in the fast lane.
  5. man work from home

    Commentary: COVID-19 is reshaping what work looks like

    Work will be increasingly remote, will require high degrees of trust and a review of what productivity means, and will see new social norms, says ...
  6. A man taking using the Zoom APP at home

    Commentary: How not to be a Zoom bore

    The etiquette of video conferencing is still sadly a work in progress. Obeying these 10 rules can help you nail your Zoom meetings, says the ...
  7. A man taking using the Zoom APP at home

    Commentary: How Zoom-working will change companies forever

    Virtual meetings are here to stay. It’ll upend how all corporate decisions are made from here on, says Howard Yu.
  8. Working home bed

    Commentary: The battle over office leave has been worsened by the coronavirus

    Annual leave rosters were always a nightmare to devise but now they have become impossible, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  9. People in reusable face masks in Singapore (2)

    Commentary: Singaporeans more adaptable than they give themselves credit for

    The COVID-19 outbreak is changing how Singaporeans approach parenting, education and work, says June Yong.
  10. robert kelly intv

    Commentary: 'BBC Dad' has learnt a thing or two about working from home

    A famous video of madcap mayhem in a home office suddenly has new resonance. Yet with the laughs, expect a long grind, says Robert E Kelly.