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  1. file photo phone woman 2

    Commentary: Phonecalls make some anxious but practice can give you confidence

    The fear and avoidance of phone conversations is common among those with social anxiety disorder, says a psychologist.
  2. Man wearing headphones and working on laptop

    Commentary: Scourge of work email is far worse than you think

    The hours we devote to our inboxes reflect a disturbing shift in work patterns that needs to change, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  3. older workers

    Commentary: Yes, you can peak in your career in your sixties

    But doing so may require not only self-awareness but also recognition from employers that seniors have strengths they can tap on, says Grant ...
  4. Women talking to each other in office

    Commentary: Telling staff to 'quit whining' breaks management's golden rule

    Besides, reprimanding miserable employees during lockdown is bound to backfire, says the Financial Times commentator Lucy Kellaway.
  5. Pictures of the Week Photo Gallery-Global

    Commentary: The commuter’s paradox - something gained in space between home and work now missing

    Most of us dislike commuting. But there are ways to make it a more positive experience, say two RMIT observers.
  6. corner office with view

    Commentary: Beware the office slacker in your midst

    The selfish office work shirker was bad enough in good times, but in a pandemic they cannot be tolerated, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  7. Man using laptop

    Commentary: Being forced to log on to work from home created stress and fatigue for workers

    Employers should enter 2021 resolving to communicate clearly boundaries on when responses to work are required, says NUS Business School’s Dr ...
  8. man laptop mask covid work from home office laptop

    Commentary: Still checking work emails on holidays? Here’s how to stop

    Our work is often so closely tied to our sense of who we are, many of us struggle to switch off on holidays. But it's never too late to hide the ...
  9. Interior of JustCo co-working space

    Commentary: Co-working spaces look pretty attractive right about now

    While co-working spaces came under threat when the pandemic broke out, it looks like they’ll continue to dot the landscape for a much longer time, ...
  10. An empty office is pictured at the Magyar Telekom HQ during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease

    Commentary: Here's what the office of 2021 should look like

    Convert open-plan spaces into the meeting rooms and quiet corners we need to do our best work, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.