Singapore's elderly - one of the most forgotten and overlooked group - are completely left out by the new, ultra-connected world we live in.

If we take the simple step of introducing them to the technology of our day – Facebook, Instagram, and even virtual reality – can they be empowered to change the world?

Three group of seniors gamely take on the challenge, and Channel NewsAsia has assembled Singapore’s hippest social media stars to help them out.

Viral video makers, SGAG, train a team of helpless elderly home residents to film and star in their very own fund-raising video.

Hip Instagram photographers, the Yusman twins, teach four lonely seniors how to use Instagram and gather 'likes' for a legacy of life well lived.

And finally, famous geek artist Eugene Soh team up with four senior tech ambassadors to create Singapore's first VR game for immobile and sickly nursing home residents.  

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