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2022 school year to start on Jan 4, end on Nov 18

2022 school year to start on Jan 4, end on Nov 18

File photo of students having a lesson in a classroom in Singapore. (Photo: TODAY/Ernest Chua)

SINGAPORE: The 2022 school year for all primary and secondary schools will start on Tuesday, Jan 4, and end on Friday, Nov 18, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced on Wednesday (Aug 11).

Students entering junior colleges and Millennia Institute will start on Monday, Feb 7, while the rest of the students will start earlier on Monday, Jan 10.


There are four vacation periods for schools, junior colleges and the Millennia Institute for 2022.

For primary and secondary schools, the first vacation period begins on Mar 12 and ends on Mar 20. The second begins May 28 and ends on Jun 26; the third from Sep 3 to Sep 11 and the fourth from Nov 19 to Dec 31.

Junior colleges and Millennia Institute share the first three vacation periods as primary and secondary schools.

However, the vacation period at the end of the school year for junior college students in Year 1 and Millennia Institute students in Years 1 and 2 will begin on Nov 26 to Dec 31.

Junior college students in Year 2 and Millennia Institute students in Year 3 will have their vacation period from the end of the A-Level examinations to Dec 31.

There will also be three scheduled school holidays in 2022: 

- Youth Day: Jul 3 (As the holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday, Jul 4 will be a scheduled school holiday)

- Day after National Day: Aug 10 

- Teachers' Day: Sep 2

- Childrens' Day: Oct 7 (for primary schools and primary sections of full schools only)

The school terms and holidays for 2022 can also be found on MOE’s website.

Source: CNA/ic(ta)


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