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Resign or I'll release sex clip of your wife and you, threatened jealous colleague

Resign or I'll release sex clip of your wife and you, threatened jealous colleague

Photo illustration of a gavel. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

SINGAPORE: Jealous that a colleague had received a promotion, a man demanded his colleague resign or have a sex clip of the victim and his wife released online. 

For one count of criminal intimidation by anonymous communication, 54-year-old Chinese national Shi Jingbiao was sentenced to six months' jail on Monday (Dec 16).

Shi was a foreman at a company - that was not named in court documents - and worked with the victim, a 52-year-old worksite manager.

He got his hands on the victim's intimate pictures and videos, showing the victim with his wife sometime in November 2014.

The victim had left his storage device in the office and Shi was using the device with the victim's consent when he came across the video clips and photos. 

Shi saved copies of the pictures and video clips without the victim's knowledge, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Zhi Hao.

However, it was only five years later that the victim realised what had happened.

At about 8am on Jul 2 this year, the man received an envelope with an anonymous letter, a CD-ROM and a mini-SD card, sent to his office.

The letter writer asked the victim to check his mailbox, and read: "Mr XXX; presenting a wonderful little movie for you. 

"He will be playing the player on the Internet in the near future. Please cheer together. If you choose to quit or resign, you will not be distributed. Looking forward to your actions."

A Chinese translation of the message was included in the letter, and the victim checked the CD and found a video of his wife performing oral sex on him.

His wife's face and chest were visible and he did not look at the contents of the mini-SD card. The victim checked his email inbox and found at least five emails from an unknown address, similarly threatening to release sex videos of him if he did not resign from his job.

Alarmed, the victim made a police report, fearing the harm to his reputation if the video was circulated.

Shi pleaded guilty to the charge, admitting that he had sent the emails and envelope to the victim as he was jealous that the victim had received a promotion.

He also felt angry at how the victim behaved at work.

The prosecutor asked for at least six months' jail, saying Shi had been motivated by malice and had kept the video since November 2014.

He issued several threats in the form of the anonymous letter and at least five anonymous emails.

Shi asked the court to be lenient on him and said he was remorseful and should not have committed these acts against a fellow countryman.

He said he had knelt down before the victim to seek his forgiveness and asked for a chance to turn over a new leaf, saying he hoped to return to China and visit his family and continue working there.

The penalties for criminal intimidation are a maximum two years' jail, a fine, or both. If the offence is by anonymous communication, the offender could face an additional two years' jail.

Source: CNA/ll


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