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Discount on about 100 essential items at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets every Friday from Mar 4

Discount on about 100 essential items at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets every Friday from Mar 4

Shoppers enter an NTUC FairPrice outlet at 166 Bukit Merah Central. (Photo: CNA/Gaya Chandramohan)

SINGAPORE: From Mar 4, shoppers at all NTUC FairPrice supermarkets and hypermarkets will enjoy a 5 per cent discount every Friday on about 100 "key essential items", FairPrice said on Monday (Feb 14). 

The key essential items comprise daily household staples such as rice, oil, eggs, milk, vegetables, meat, laundry and paper products. The discounts will run until the end of the year.

The move is part of FairPrice's "Stretch Your Dollar" programme to help consumers "cope with the rising cost of living that has been exacerbated by the protracted COVID-19 situation", FairPrice Group said in a media release.

The programme was first introduced in 2007 to 2008 during a financial crisis and was brought back from 2010 to 2011 as an economic downturn loomed.

Daily essential items

These are the daily essential items that will have a 5 per cent discount every Friday from Mar 4.

Fruits and vegetables:

Pasar tomato pre-pack

Pasar Aust M carrot pre-pack

Pasar old ginger pre-pack

Pasar Australia carrot (M)

Holland potato (China) 1kg

Fresh tomato

Chn wongbok

Chef spinach 250g

Chef China garlic 1s

Chef large onion red 700g

Chef Shanghai green 250g

Fresh cavendish banana 1s

Fresh Viet dragonfruit

Navel oranges (L)

Pasar China Fuji apple

Aksun Turkey lemon

Dairy, tea and coffee products:

Milkmaid condensed milk 392g

Marigold king of king e/milk  395g

Lipton yellow label teabag 100s 2g

FairPrice full cream milk 1L

FairPrice low fat milk 1L

FairPrice skim milk 1L

Nutrisoy r.sugar fsh s/milk  1L

Nutrisoy fresh soya milk 1L

Nutrisoy fresh soya milk-almond 1L

Nutrisoy hc f/soya milk nsa   1L

FairPriceg growing up formula s3 900g

FairPriceg junior formula s4 900g

Anlene actifit gold5x plain 1.2kg

Anlene movemax gold choco 1.2kg

Nestle coffeemate 450g

Nescafe 3 in 1 original 35s 19g

Nescafe 3in1 orig 25% L/S 35s 15g

Nescafe orig zero sgr 2-1 35s 9g

Nescafe 3in1 org b/s hcs 30s 17g

Nescafe 3 in 1 coff rich 30s 19g

FairPrice butter 250g

FairPrice  chse slc 12s t/pk 3s 250g

Milo refill pack 900g


Dasoon prem fresh egg 15s 60g

Pasar fresh egg (my) 10s 55g


FairPrice fine sugar 1kg

FairPrice coarse sugar 1kg


FairPrice frag w/rice 100% 5kg

Prepacked food:

Fortune slkn tf w omega3 dha 300g

Fortune chi tf w/omega3 dha 300g


Porkee frz spare rib 500g

Porkee frz minced pork 500g  

Paper products: 

FairPrice f/tiss 3ply4pk 140sh

FairPrice prm kitchen twl 6s

FairPrice 3 ply delx sft bt10s 200s


FairPrice canola oil 1L

Cabbage vegetable oil 2L


Myojo chicken tanmen 5s 81g

Myojo chicken abalone 5s 80g

Myojo ramen charmee 5s 75g

Myojo mee poh dry 5s 80g

Myojo vegetarian ndl 5s 80g

Myojo chicken curry 5s 83g

Myojo shrimp tanmen 5s 79g

Myojo mee goreng 5s 80g

Ibumie mi goreng (reg) 5s 80g

Ibumie mi goreng-smbl udg5s 80g

Ibumie mi goreng-th t/ym 5s 80g

FairPrice rice vermicelli 400g

Chilli br rice vermicelli 400g

Laundry products:

FairPrice l/liq dtg-anti-bactr 4.4L

FairPrice l/liquid dtg-floral  4.4L

FairPrice l/liq dtg-color care 4.4L

FairPrice detergent powder 1.2kg

FairPrice bleach 1L

Frozen processed: 

FairPrice chk franks 10s 340g

FairPrice chicken nuggets 850g

FairPrice spicy chicken nugget 850g

Frozen poultry: 

Seara frozen chicken wings 2kg

Sadia chicken wings 2kg

Fresh fish/seafood: 

Da-okeanoss frozen batang steak 600g

Bobo fsh fish/b 230g

Bobo chilli fish/b 230g


FairPrice salt-fine 500g

FairPrice tomato ketchup 320g

FairPrice light soy sauce 660ml

FairPrice chilli sauce 320g

FairPrice dark soy sauce 660ml

Chee seng white sesame oil 750ml

Canned food: 

Narcissus whole mushroom 425g

Ayam sard- ovals 215g

Narcissus spiced pork cubes 142g

Maling prem pork luncheon M 397g

Bread and bread spread: 

FairPrice enriched white bread 500g

FairPrice Nonya kaya 410g


Khong guan lem puff bisc 260g

Hup seng spec crm crkers 225g

Da-hup seng hi fibre w/meal crac 225g

Da-hup seng sugar crker 225g

Senior care: 

Fairprice adult diaper ultra L 10s

Fairprice adult diaper ultra M 12s

Baby care: 

FairPrice bb easywear pants XL 46s

FairPrice bb easywear pants L 56s


FairPrice plain flour 1kg

FairPrice d/wshng lqd rf lemon 600ml

FairPrice breakfast ham 200g

FairPrice inst oatmeal (foil) 800g

(Table: FairPrice)

"This initiative complements the existing discount schemes already in place for Pioneer Generation, Merdeka Generation, Seniors Discount and CHAS Blue card holders between Monday (and) Thursday," FairPrice said. 

Savings from these discount schemes, including the new 5 per cent Discount Fridays, are projected to exceed S$12 million this year, FairPrice said.

It added that it will be highlighting various existing discounts and rebates available to remind customers to leverage these for more savings.


FairPrice also said that prices for hot coffee or hot tea, without milk and less or no sugar, will be reduced and held at 90 cents at more than 80 Kopitiam and NTUC Foodfare outlets from Monday, until the end of the year.

It will also be maintaining the prices of breakfast sets until the end of the year. 

Kopitiam is expanding its Rice Garden Programme, which was launched in 2015, to more locations to facilitate more concessionary meals for the needy as well as seniors and union members, FairPrice said. 

Rice Garden is the economy rice stall brand that provides a subsidised meal comprising one meat and two vegetable dishes to ComCare card holders, among others.

There are currently 19 Rice Garden stalls. Kopitiam targets to have 40 Rice Garden stalls by the end of the year. 

FairPrice will also be launching a programme in the second half of this year to provide free meals for the needy. There will also be a "special budget meal initiative" at its Kopitiam and Foodfare outlets.

More details will be announced at a later date.

Group CEO of FairPrice Seah Kian Peng said: “FairPrice Group continues to do our best to moderate the cost of living by holding prices despite increased cost pressures on many fronts such as freight, commodity and packaging, energy, as well as disrupted supply chains.

"Regardless, we share our consumers’ concerns over the cost of living and how the COVID-19 situation has affected lives and livelihoods.

"We have developed this programme and introduced new initiatives at our supermarkets, food courts and coffee shops that will help the community stretch their dollar further on essential needs."

He added that FairPrice will "continue to monitor the situation closely" and "explore ways to make lives better for all".

Source: CNA/fh(mi)


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