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Drug abuser who punched wife until she fainted gets jail, cane

SINGAPORE: A drug abuser who repeatedly abused his wife, including in front of their children, was sentenced to more than five years in jail and three strokes of the cane on Monday (Jan 14).

Muhammad Addewandy Aziz, 32, pleaded guilty to various drug-related charges and assault of his wife, who had a personal protection order against him.

On one occasion, he punched her so hard that she lost consciousness and wet herself, the court heard.

The unemployed man was convicted on Monday of consuming and possessing methamphetamine, repeatedly failing to report for urine tests, and abusing his wife between November 2017 and April 2018. He was sentenced to a total of five years, four months and four weeks in jail.


The court heard that Addewandy's wife, 30, was granted a personal protection order against him on Sep 5, 2017.

In November 2017, however, the couple had a dispute in a Grab car.

Addewandy punched his wife in the head while they were in the vehicle and continued his attack with punches and kicks after they reached the void deck of a Housing Development Board block in Jurong West.

His wife made a police report the next day, but did not see a doctor despite the bruising on her lips, forehead and wrist.

A few months later in February 2018, the couple had an argument over the victim's phone at their home in Boon Keng. Addewandy resorted to blows, kicking the side of his wife's head and causing it to hit the wall. He also punched her in the face.

After he left the home, his wife made another police report. She also went to the hospital. Her injuries included swelling on her scalp and above her eyebrow, and tenderness in the shoulders. She was given two days' medical leave.

His most vicious assault occurred two months later on Apr 15, 2018. Addewandy was home at about 1am when his wife returned with groceries for the children.

Addewandy had hidden a piece of his wife's clothing, along with her passport. She asked him to return the items to her, and tried switching on the lights as the house was in total darkness, Deputy Public Prosecutor Hui Jia Lun said.

Addewandy turned the lights back off. When his wife tried to switch them on again, he grew angry and punched her in the head, causing her to lose consciousness.

When she came to, he punched her again, this time striking a blow to her body. He only stopped after their children intervened.

He picked his wife up and carried her to the bathroom to clean her up, as she had wet herself, court documents said. 

Shortly after, his wife was resting when Addewandy told his children to lock the gate and door. They defied his orders.

When he went to the toilet, the children told their mother to escape, and she did so. She did not see a doctor, but sustained swelling in her cheek, jaw, head and had pain in her arm, the court heard.

Addewandy was arrested by Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers a few days later, after he failed to turn up for a urine test. He had been under compulsory supervision following a previous drug conviction.

It is not indicated in the court documents if he is still married to his wife.

Source: CNA/ll(aj)


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