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FAQ: When should you show your NRIC - and when not?

From Sep 1 next year, companies can only ask for your NRIC number if required by the law or if necessary to prove your identity.

FAQ: When should you show your NRIC - and when not?

Photo illustration of photocopying an NRIC. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

SINGAPORE: From Sep 1 next year, organisations in Singapore will have to stop the practice of indiscriminate collection of people’s NRIC details as stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) on Friday (Aug 31).

Still not sure when to present your NRIC? Here are some guidelines to protect yourself, according to the PDPC:

1. When should you reveal your NRIC number?

  • To determine when to give out your NRIC details, ask yourself if your NRIC number is required by law, or if it is necessary to prove your identity.

2. What else can you do?

  • In the event that it is not required by law to present your NRIC or prove your identity, check if the company accepts other personal data like a mobile number of a partial NRIC number (e.g. XXXXX567A).

3. Should you allow companies to hold on to your NRIC?

  • Unless it is required by law, do not let companies hold on to your NRIC.

4. When is it necessary to present your NRIC?

  • Some common scenarios include: Joining an organisation as a new employee, checking into a hotel, seeking treatment at a medical clinic, subscribing to a mobile phone line and enrolling into a private educational institute.

5. When is it not necessary to present your NRIC?

  • ​​​​​​​Some common scenarios include: Redeeming free parking, signing up for a retail membership, submitting feedback or registering interest in a product or service, purchasing movie tickets online and participating in a lucky draw.

The above applies to Foreign Identification Numbers (FIN), work permit numbers and birth certificate numbers, as well as identification documents containing these numbers.

Source: CNA/aa(ra)


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