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HDB says it will continue to refine barrier-free parking system after feedback about app, season lots

The barrier-free parking system was implemented at two car parks near Old Airport Road Food Centre in September, as part of trials that started in Punggol in 2021.


HDB says it will continue to refine barrier-free parking system after feedback about app, season lots

Lot availability is signaled by the overhead light indicators, enabling motorists to locate available lots quickly. (Photo: Housing and Development Board)

SINGAPORE: The Housing and Development Board (HDB) said on Monday (Oct 3) that it will continue to refine its barrier-free parking system after receiving feedback from motorists about payment via the Parking@HDB app as well as identifying season parking lots. 

The barrier-free parking system was implemented last month at two car parks near Old Airport Road Food Centre, as part of trials that started in Punggol in January 2021.

Car parks with the smart parking system no longer have gantry barriers at the entrance and exit, as vehicle licence plates are registered via cameras. 

To help motorists search for parking lots, colour-coded LED indicators were installed above every parking lot at the multi-storey car park at Old Airport Road to show their availability.

Green indicates that the lots are available for short-term parking, while amber means the lots are reserved for season parking.


Some motorists have asked why there is a need for a separate payment app - the Parking@HDB app - instead of using the national app.

With the Parking@HDB app, a parking session will start automatically via the app when a vehicle enters the car park and ends when it leaves. 

Parking charges will be paid automatically via credit or debit card through the app. The idea is that motorists do not need to worry about inserting their cash cards into the In-vehicle Unit (IU) or worry about insufficient funds.

In response to CNA's queries, HDB said on Monday that it will look into integrating the Parking@HDB app with subsequently when the new parking system is rolled out to more car parks islandwide.

"As we are conducting a trial of the barrierless parking system, an app separate from the app would allow us to make quick modifications to refine the system, in response to ground operations and feedback, without causing any interference to the existing functions of the app," the agency explained.

While motorists who park short-term are encouraged to download the Parking@HDB app and set up an account, those who don't can still pay their parking charges via the cash card in their vehicle IU, similar to existing car parks with the Electronic Parking System (EPS), said HDB.

"Motorists of foreign vehicles are similarly able to pay for parking charges by downloading the Parking@HDB app and linking it to their credit/debit cards. Those who do not have the app can insert their CEPAS and NETS cards in their IU to pay for their parking charges," it added.


Another motorist noted that with the implementation of colour-coded LED lights to signal short-term parking or season parking, the markings on the ground have all been painted white - which usually indicates that they are for short-term parking.

"When the lot is empty, such lights are useful because orange light would mean that its a season parking lot," said Facebook user Natsem Vad.

"But when the car park is full and vehicles are waiting for lots, they have no idea which lots are normal and which lots are reserved for season parking because the light above the lot would be switched off."

HDB said those car parks in question are those in the Build-to-Order projects in Punggol Northshore. 

"The use of the colour-coded LED overhead indicator lights will allow us to dynamically change the use of the lots from short-term parking to season parking and vice versa, depending on the needs of motorists at the car park," HDB said on Monday.

"Hence, the lots were painted white in order to keep their use flexible.

"The dynamic allocation of parking lots will be available at a later stage of the trials, as HDB will need time to study parking demand to obtain the aggregated demand for the parking lots."

The agency noted that the season parking lots at the Old Airport Road car parks remain painted red. 


Before starting trials, HDB said it will keep residents and shop tenants in the area informed of the new parking system via circulars and other publicity materials.  

For instance, information on Parking@HDB was placed on the tables at the Old Airport Road Market and Food Centre. Posters were also put up at the lift lobbies of HDB blocks to inform residents of the new parking system.

Additionally, banners were displayed at the car parks and staff were deployed to explain the system to the motorists, said HDB. 

Following feedback from motorists, HDB said it has put up more signs in the car parks to notify users of the season parking hours. 

"We will continue to review our efforts in familiarising motorists with the new parking system," said the agency.

"As we continue to refine the system, we invite motorists to send their feedback and suggestions to DigitalParking [at]"

Source: CNA/lk(gs)


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