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Man gets jail and caning for raping underage daughter, forcing son to rape his mother

Man gets jail and caning for raping underage daughter, forcing son to rape his mother

File photo of the exterior of Singapore's Supreme Court.

SINGAPORE: A man was sentenced on Monday (Oct 4) to jail and caning after he raped his 13-year-old daughter and forced his 15-year-old son to rape his biological mother twice.

The 41-year-old man, who cannot be named due to gag orders protecting the victims' identities, was given 29 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane.

He pleaded guilty to three charges of rape, sexual assault and abetting by instigating his son to rape. Multiple other charges, including a second instance of forcing his son to rape his own mother, were taken into consideration.

The court heard that the offender was a technician and lived in a flat with his wife, daughter and son, who are now aged 45, 16 and 18 respectively.


In 2015, the man was at home alone with his 11-year-old daughter when he told her to wash her private parts.

The girl knew that this meant her father wanted to perform sexual acts on her, as he had done so before when she was in Primary 3. She complied and returned to the room, where her father was waiting naked.

He performed a sex act on her and forced her to reciprocate. The child did not consent to the sex acts, but complied because she was afraid of her father, Deputy Public Prosecutor Victoria Ting said.

Around September 2017, the man was alone at home again with his daughter, who was now 13.

After drinking in the hall, he went to the girl's room and asked her to wash her private parts. He later performed sex acts on her and then told her some words that the girl took to mean he wanted to have sex with her. He then raped his daughter.

The girl felt great pain and asked her father to stop, but he continued. She confided in her brother about the sex acts and complained to him about the pain she felt after sex.

He advised her not to give in to their father, but he did not tell anyone what happened as he was worried about being beaten by his father and did not want to ruin his family's reputation.

The girl did not tell her mother what happened as she was afraid her mother would confront the offender and that they would fight. She believed that her father might injure her mother.


One night in 2018, the offender drank beer and liquor with his wife until she fell asleep, drunk. 

The man's son, who was 15 to 16 at the time, was playing games on his Xbox. The man asked his son to follow him to the bedroom and he complied.

The teenager saw his mom sleeping naked on the bed. When his father told him to have sex with his mother, the teen was shocked and said he did not want to.

The offender got angry, and the teenager complied as he was afraid of being beaten up. The offender assisted his son in the act.

Eventually, the boy complied with his father's instructions, but was worried his mother would wake up. He stopped immediately once his father left the room. 

His mother was drunk and slept throughout and did not know what had happened.

The man's daughter realised that it was wrong for her father to have sex with her after she took a sex education class. She eventually told her aunt in 2019 that her father had sex with her, and her aunt took her to a police station to lodge a report.

Investigations uncovered the other offences the man committed.

The offender said he raped his daughter as he did not want her to have sex with any other men and wanted her to be single.

"He thought if she wanted to have sex with anyone, it should be with him and not any other (man)," said the prosecutor.


Ms Ting sought 30 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane for the man, saying this case was "quite unprecedented" in its "unthinkable desecration of familial ties".

"Not only did he repeatedly rape and sexually assault his daughter from a tender age, he also instigated his son to commit rape and incest against his biological mother not just once but twice," she said, adding that the man has demeaned "the sanctity of the family unit".

She said the man's wife was the third victim in the case and was vulnerable when raped as she was intoxicated.

The man's lawyer said there was nothing in the statement of facts to show that he beat his daughter regularly, and said he has received information from the man's wife that his daughter "has pretty much forgiven him".

Justice Dedar Singh Gill said the facts of this case were "repulsive".

"Words cannot adequately describe the abhorrent nature of the acts by the accused," he said, adding that they were "an assault on the basic values of being human".

"The sentences must reflect the gravity of the offences and address the public disquiet which such offences engender," he said.

Source: CNA/ll


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