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Jail for man who attacked brothers at Bukit Batok coffee shop, disfiguring one

SINGAPORE: A man who permanently disfigured another man after attacking him with a broken beer bottle at a coffee shop in Bukit Batok was sentenced to a jail term of five years, two months and 33 days on Monday (Mar 11).  

Lee Kim Teck, 60, pleaded guilty to two charges of voluntarily causing grievous hurt with a dangerous weapon and one of voluntarily causing grievous hurt, with two charges of mischief taken into consideration.

The court heard that Lee was drinking beer with friends at a coffee shop at Block 155, Bukit Batok Street 11, on the evening of Apr 8 last year.

The two victims, brothers Ang Buk Kee, 42, and 47-year-old Paul Ang Buk Hoe, were also drinking at the same coffee shop.

After Lee's friends left at about 11.20pm, he asked if he could join the Ang brothers at their table. The brothers recognised Lee as a regular patron of the coffee shop, so they agreed and he joined them.

However, past midnight, the younger Mr Ang made a comment about drinking for fun and pleasure at the coffee shop. Lee took offence and asked if the younger Ang brother wanted to fight.  

The brother said he did not, but Lee attacked them both, pushing the younger Ang to the floor, and kicking and punching his face repeatedly. 

Lee then picked up a glass beer bottle and hit the younger brother's head. The bottle broke on impact. 

The victim threw at Lee a glass mug he had picked up for self-defence, while his older brother tried to push Lee away, but the accused started brandishing the broken beer bottle. 

With the instrument, he struck the younger Ang's face, leaving him with multiple facial fractures, and also jabbed the older brother's face.

The younger Ang collapsed after Lee threw a glass mug at his head. 

Lee continued his assault on the two brothers, smashing glass mugs at their heads.

After he left, the older brother sought help from passers-by, asking them to call for an ambulance.


The younger Ang was taken to National University Hospital (NUH) with multiple fractures and a large laceration on his face, as well as lacerations on his hand.

He underwent extensive surgery and was given hospitalisation leave of more than a month. His face has been permanently disfigured, said an NUH doctor, and he is still suffering double vision from his eye surgery.  

The older brother was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital with lacerations to his lip and nose, as well as fractures around the eye. He was given 13 days' hospitalisation leave.

The court heard that Lee had committed these offences while in remission for a previous offence committed in December 2017, in which he punched a man at a bus stop over an iPad.

He was given an enhanced sentence as a result.

Source: CNA/ll(hs)


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